Saturday, May 30, 2015

Should Gun Owners be Required to have Liability Insurance?

House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance

House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.) has introduced a bill that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance.

The Firearm Risk Protection Act, unveiled Friday, would require gun buyers to have liability insurance coverage before being allowed to purchase a weapon, and would impose a fine of $10,000 if an owner is found not to have it. Service members and law enforcement officers, however, would be exempt from the requirement.

“We require insurance to own a car, but no such requirement exists for guns," Maloney said in a statement. "The results are clear: car fatalities have declined by 25 percent in the last decade, but gun fatalities continue to rise.”

I have been wondering for several years when they would think of this.

The Constitution does NOT guarantee you the right to drive a car, but it does guarantee the right to own a gun.  So would such a law even be constitutional?   Also, you are NOT required to have liability insurance on a car if you don't drive it on public roads.  I bet there are hundreds of thousands of off road vehicles (4 wheelers and dirt bikes) out there without insurance. 

It’s actually not a bad idea to require liability insurance to CARRY a gun in public, but I am opposed to requiring it to have one in your house or on your own property.   

My real fear is that they will try to use it as a means to try to price the average person out of gun ownership by making the insurance unaffordable.  And you KNOW the insurance for anything liberals consider to be an assault weapon is going to be much higher than on one they consider “more acceptable”.

What are your thoughts?   Let’s have some comments.

Here is something to look into.

Letter To Michelle Obama from Former Marine.

The message from this Marine is right on the money.  Michelle and her Muslim husband are two of the biggest RACIST in this country today.
Here is the letter:

Mrs. Obama

It sickens me that I have to take time to write you this letter. I am a former Marine who doesn’t recognize color because every color has lived and died for you. You live in a free country to blame your poor pathetic life on the color of another man’s skin. All colors have given their lives for an educated woman to have the freedom to be so ignorant. I don’t blame black people for the ignorance that comes from your mouth. I love all colors because I love all that God creates. I don’t have to like you to love you and today is no different. I don’t like you or your husband because of your character hidden behind your skin. Isn’t it funny how the truth always reveals itself in time. You and your husband never showed this side of yourselves in 2008 before he was elected.

You both live better than 99% of the people in this world because of this country. You said that you are for the first time proud to be an American. Well, I will tell you that most of us are ashamed of you. You and your husband have become millionaires off the people of this country, but demonstrate very little appreciation for all that we give. White, black, brown or indifferent millions have fought and died for you to have the freedom to say the ignorant things you say. You are educated, but clearly have very little common sense. You blame past generations of Americans for the troubles of a few. Stop blaming white people for your misery and take a look at yourself in the mirror. We are all responsible for our own happiness and misery. The KKK is ignorance wrapped in a sheet while the Black panthers are raised on ignorance and hate. No different from the cult of Islam thinking their race is better than all other men. God is love and creates every color to include our skin. To truly love God is to love all that He loves. For that I love each of you and pray that we all start taking responsibility for our own damned sins.

Martin Luther King had a dream that we would all live in the promise land. He is not remembered for being black. He is remembered for the love, and character he had within his heart. If you don’t like this country get on that plane and never come back. I will stay here and love all Americans, regardless of skin. I will love the beauty of what God created and stand tall with my American friends. Not because of their color but for the character and love they carry within. This country doesn’t owe you anymore than it owes me. So many have thanked me for my service and I will always be grateful. I pray that one day you and your husband might cause me to be grateful for your service to this country. You will never be remembered as the First Lady of Color but soon forgotten after you leave the White House. You nor your husband shall ever divide us. I wish you no harm, but pray you will get the hell off of this American land… God bless you and Semper Fi from a United States Marine!

It's the Economy Stupid.

Obama Has Lowest Average 1st Q GDP Growth of Any President on Record

Even if you leave out the first quarter of 2009—when the recession that started in December 2007 was still ongoing--President Barack Obama has presided over the lowest average first-quarter GDP growth of any president who has served since 1947, which is the earliest year for which the Bureau of Economic Analysis has calculated quarterly GDP growth.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Democrats plan to steal not just the 2016 election, but ALL future elections.

How Democrats plan to steal not just the 2016 election, but ALL future elections.
There’s shocking new evidence that a clear majority of Democrat voters are ready to skip beyond a grant of amnesty and give illegal immigrants the right to cast their vote in U.S. elections.  Even as Obama’s executive order to defer deportation is stuck in the courts, a significant new survey by a respected polling organization has found that “Fifty-three percent (53%) of Democrats think tax-paying illegal immigrants should have the right to vote.”

Rasmussen Reports conducted a national survey of 952 likely voters in late May, asking them: “Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote if they can prove that they live in this country and pay taxes?”

The question said nothing about amnesty or a waiting period or any other requirement for voting except proof of residence and the payment of taxes. Given only those two stipulations, a majority of Democrats said that the millions of illegals in this country should have the same right to go to the polls and decide who will hold elective office as a legal citizen has.

The Constitution leaves the determination of voters’ qualifications up to the individual states.  However, because of judicial rulings that state and local voting practices have been discriminatory, the federal role in elections has increased over time.

Earlier this year, as Katie Pavlich noted in an article for Townhall, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach warned in congressional testimony that illegal voting by non-citizens poses a serious threat to our electoral process. It would seem from this new Rasmussen survey that most Democrats couldn’t care less about that threat.  In fact, the majority of the party has apparently moved so far to the left that they would welcome the fundamental and far-reaching transformation to America that illegals given the vote would surely bring.

By the way, that same Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters also found that 21% of Republicans favor giving illegal immigrants the right to vote.

And that’s not all.  Obama has been, and still is, importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all over the Middle East.  They plan to also give them the right to vote.

The sad thing about this is that our Republican controlled Congress which we elected to office to prevent this sort of thing, is doing nothing to stop it.

AF Pilots Reveal Shocking Details About What Obama’s Doing With ISIS

U.S. military pilots carrying out the air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are voicing growing discontent over what they say are heavy-handed rules of engagement hindering them from striking targets.
They blame a bureaucracy that does not allow for quick decision-making. One Navy F-18 pilot who has flown missions against ISIS voiced his frustration to Fox News, saying: "There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn't get clearance to engage.”
He added, “They probably killed innocent people and spread evil because of my inability to kill them. It was frustrating."

Thursday, May 28, 2015


West Baltimore residents worry they've been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them.
In recent weeks, some neighborhoods have become like the Wild West without a lawman around, residents said.
"Before it was over-policing. Now there's no police," said Donnail "Dreads" Lee, 34, who lives in the Gilmor Homes, the public housing complex where Gray, 25, was arrested.

"I haven't seen the police since the riots," Lee said. "People feel as though they can do things and get away with it. I see people walking with guns almost every single day, because they know the police aren't pulling them up like they used to."

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said last week his officers "are not holding back" from policing tough neighborhoods, but they are encountering dangerous hostility in the Western District.

"Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time," Batts said.

At a City Council meeting Wednesday, Batts said officers have expressed concern they could be arrested for making mistakes.

They are now complaining saying that "I'm afraid to go outside.   "It's so bad, people are afraid to let their kids outside.  People wake up with shots through their windows. Police used to sit on every corner, on the top of the block. These days? They're nowhere." 

Quite frankly, I am surprised they have ANY cops left in Baltimore.  They know thugs are going to try to kill them anywhere they go, and if they shoot in self defense they will most likely be prosecuted.

A few additional remarks…
The police are doing what they should do in Baltimore right now, answering 911 calls.  Don't stop and arrest someone you see mugging somebody or speeding or anything else that isn't reported by someone.  Don’t risk putting yourself in a situation where you have to make a split second shoot or don’t shoot decision.
Get your paycheck for doing less, and listen to the same people, who were rioting and destroying their city and the businesses, whine when they are assaulted or robbed and the police don't do anything about it.
There is less police involvement in the community and not arresting blacks because they don't want to appear racist.   Eventually the thugs will thin each other out, but I suppose black lives don’t really matter to people like Sharpton when the killer is also black.
Of course if they allowed people to get concealed carry permits on demand, if they're legally able to own a firearm, then the citizens could help police the neighborhoods and take out a few of the problem people.  But that’s never going to happen in a city run by Democrats…

The dollar costs of the recent Baltimore riots are starting to be added up, and they’re staggering. Not only are these figures climbing into the tens-of-millions of dollars, but Baltimore officials are looking for outside help to pay the bills — that means they want U.S. taxpayers to shell out to bail out the budget of a city criticized by many for doing little to stop the mayhem.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If it’s Overreach, we Must Impeach

Obama admin asserts dominion over creeks, streams, wetlands, ditches — even big puddles

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Army Corps of Engineers, says it has the authority to control all waterways within the United States — and will exercise that authority.
Sen. Jim Inhofe (Okla.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works (EPW), warns that the EPA’s final rule on the “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) represents an “unprecedented land grab” of private property – and he says he will not allow it:

New EPA rules, Could Mean Permission Needed to Sell Your Land


WELL, I SAY “if it’s overreach, we must impeach”
If you agree, call, write, FAX, or email your Congressman and Senators.
Or. If you could care less about your country turning into a dictatorship, you can just do nothing…

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Minimum Wage Update

McDonald’s To Open A Restaurant Run By Robots In Phoenix

While some employees are understandably upset by their job loss, and many politicians are disappointed to see the adverse effect of their Minimum Wage legislation, McDonald’s is glad to have found a solution that will stop the tide of closing stores that has beset the company of late.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

American Muslims Don’t Think Our US Military Should Be Honored On Memorial Day

The Muslim “Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR) has decided that Memorial Day should not honor those American soldiers who have died; instead, it should honor those Muslim terrorists who were killed by American soldiers.

How can you NOT be upset about this?
Thanks to our Muslim President, our country is being over run with America hating Muslims.  In case you haven’t heard, there is a reason he is importing all these Muslims.  It’s the same reason he’s importing hundreds of thousands of Mexicans.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama wins trade victory in the Senate

President Obama won a big victory for his trade agenda Friday with the Senate’s approval of fast-track legislation that could make it easier for him to complete a wide-ranging trade deal that would include 11 Pacific Rim nations.
A coalition of 48 Senate Republicans and 14 Democrats voted for Trade Promotion Authority late Friday, sending the legislation to a difficult fight in the House, where it faces more entrenched opposition from Democrats.
The Senate coalition fought off several attempts by opponents to undermine the legislation, defeating amendments that were politically popular but potentially poisonous to Obama’s bid to secure the trade deal.

“This is an important bill, likely the most important bill we will pass this year. It’s important to President Obama,” Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and primary author of the bill, said at the close of debate.

TPA’s fast-track provisions would allow Congress, under strict timelines, to consider trade deals with a simple up-or-down vote without any amendments or requirements of a Senate super-majority to end debate. That would help Obama complete the final details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), with the other 11 nations, a bloc that represents about 40 percent of the global economy.


There is both good and bad in this, I am afraid the bad will override the good.  I see a further decline in American jobs in an economy where jobs are already scarce.  I hope I’m wrong on this one…

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Obama is stacking the deck in favor of Democrats for the 2016 presidential election.

According to Chuck Norris, Barack Obama is already stacking the deck in favor of Democrats ahead of the 2016 presidential election.  
In a recent editorial, Norris cited several ways by which plans to increase immigration and naturalization in coming months could create a virtually undefeatable voting bloc willing to support the Democrat candidate.
“First,” he wrote, “the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, sent letters to all 9,000,000 green-card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.”
Furthermore, Norris cited the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program established by Obama to allow certain immigrants a fast track toward U.S. citizenship.

Perhaps the most troubling way this administration is using immigration to score electoral victories, Norris asserts, is by admitting refugees from any number of unfriendly, predominantly Muslim nations.

“Their strategy is to ‘seed your communities’ with at least 70,000 refugees a year,” he wrote, “including Iraqis, Burmese, Bhutanese, Somalis, Cubans, Syrians and others. And the numbers of Syrians, mostly Muslim, will surpass them all.”

At least a few Americans are excited about this idea. As Western Journalism reported, the New York Times recently published an editorial in which the authors suggested Syrian refugees should be allowed to “settle Detroit” in an effort to restore the once-prosperous city.

For Norris, however, it is obvious that Obama is showing favor toward certain oppressed groups while ignoring others.

“What’s tragically unfortunate,” he continued, “is that Coptic Christians barely even get a mention by Obama’s administration and even less protection.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Interview With Brain Dead Hillary Supporters.

Stupid Hillary Clinton Supporters Actually Don't Support Hillary

The folks over at took to the boardwalk of Oceanside, California, to see if Hillary Clinton supporters really know where she stands on certain policies.
What they did was essentially ‘flip’ Hillary’s beliefs and then see if her supporters would still vote for her, despite the blatant differences.

It’s unbelievable how ill-informed these people are.  They support someone, yet they have absolutely no idea why.

People who don’t bother to educate themselves any better than this deserve the screwed up socialistic dictatorship they now have.
This country's in trouble!

Did you know that Blacks are still owned as slaves by Islamic countries

Muslim Arabs hunted, enslaved, tortured and killed ethnic Africans for a millennium.
Middle Eastern Muslim Arabs have a history of over 1400 years of human slavery, which even continues today in the Middle East.  Arab Muslims controlled, maintained, initiated slavery of ethnic Africans.  Islam’s Arab prophet Muhammad himself brought, kept and sold African slaves.