Tuesday, April 18, 2017

President Trump Executive Orders So Far

List Released Of 29 HISTORIC Signed Trump Executive Orders So Far
President Donald Trump has spent his first days using his executive authority to rewrite American policy and undo a string of decisions made by former president Barack Obama. 

However, there have been a lot of “FAKE NEWS” stories going around claiming he has signed executive orders that never happened. Here’s a running list of the new president’s executive actions from POLITICO, which is a web site you can trust…

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where did Syria get the Chemical Weapons?

Everybody seems to have forgotten this, but back in 2003 during operation “shock and awe”, Saddam Hessian did not want American to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so he sent them to SYRIA in a truck convoy. 

Of course Democrats will NEVER admit this because they have always used the fact that we didn’t find any WMDs to shame G. W. Bush for going to war with Iraq.

The Leftist news media only tells you what they want you to know…
Here is an example of what they don't want you to know...

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Advisor to the President ... Now and then.

A lot of Democrats are upset that President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump is advising him.  They claim that Ivanka Trump is unqualified to advise her father based on her professional resume — working as a real estate executive.  But, I don’t recall any Democrats voicing any concerns about Valerie Jarrett's lack of qualifications.

Jarrett, who advised President Obama through all eight years of his presidency, had Secret Service protection, and even kept living quarters in the White House.  And, just like Ivanka, spent her time before Obama’s presidency working as a real estate executive.

Ivanka Trump has said that she will accept a ZERO salary; Jarrett was paid in excess of $175,000 annually.  The Obama White House paid out $37.8 million a year in salaries to 456 staffers, according to a report to Congress released by the Obama administration.

During her eight years at the president's side, Jarrett was one of the “most powerful influences” in the Obama White House.   I seriously doubt that Ivanka will have that much power in the Trump White House.

Most Americans are likely still unaware that Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran, and spent her first five years in that country.  Like Barack Obama, Jarrett’s initial experience was not as an American, but an American/Muslim hybrid.  According to an American Spectator report in August of 2008, the Obama campaign had initiated an aggressive program to hide Jarrett’s Iranian background. 

More about Valerie Jarrett here: