Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Minute Video the White House Doesn’t Want You to See

This video is a litany of the wrongs committed by President Barack Obama against the American people. 
It went live on YouTube Friday and has already been viewed nearly 100,000 times.

In just two minutes, “What If” excoriates the president’s ignoring of the 2016 midterm election results that repudiated his polices, Obama’s willingness to negotiate with foreign leaders but not members of Congress, his overreaching executive orders, his pitting of Americans against other Americans, and his blatant lies to the American people.
It also mentions the abject failure of the mainstream media to hold the Obama administration accountable.


CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’

This is the reason I NEVER EVER watch CNN. (communist News Network).  
They lie all the time about everything.
While their cameramen are watching cars on fire and stores being looted, the reporters ramble on about how “most people here” are “peaceful protesters.”
Where are these peaceful protesters? The reporters can’t seem to find any. Instead, they turn to outside experts and some carefully vetted religious leaders to talk about “the real message” of the protests.


I watched the coverage of the riots on FOX News Network.  I saw store windows being smashed, all kinds of merchandise being stolen, businesses being burned down.  I saw rioters at a used car lot break out all the car windows and set all the cars on fire.  I saw a mob turn over a police car.

This is the reason there are so many uninformed and misinformed people in this country.   If you want to know what is really going on, don’t watch CNN.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Police Chief Tells it Like it is.

White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH about Black Crime

Police Chief Edward Flynn, the chief of Milwaukee’s law enforcement agency came under attack by black activists.   The activists accused Flynn of not taking a recent officer-involved shooting seriously.

I just saw this video on FOX news “The Five” show.  

Why Burn Down a Place Where You Could Possibly Work?

CNN’s Don Lemon Confronts Jesse Jackson: ‘Why Burn Down a Place Where You Could Possibly Work?’

On the heels of the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson and the subsequent violence and protests, not only in Ferguson but around the country, CNN’s Don Lemon asked Jesse Jackson a very pointed question about the motivations and consequences of rioting in one’s own neighborhood.  

Pardon me Mr. Jackson but your stupidity is showing.   You apparently still do not understand that it started when a young black hoodlum attacked a police officer and attempted to take his gun away from him. 
This officer shot this 285 pound giant of a young man, but he continued to charge at him.  If that officer had not continued to shoot until he stopped this hoodlum, that officer would now be dead.

I’m pretty sure you are intelligent enough to realize this, but you are a professional race-baiter, and you are still trying to make a few more bucks off of this unfortunate incident.  You are NOT part of the solution; you are part of the problem.

Ferguson Woman Slams Protesters: They’ve Ruined the Community, It Will Now Be a ‘Ghost Town’

OH YES THEY CAN...Don't let them get away with saying they can't.

Congressional Research Service: Congress Has Power to Block Funding for Obama's Executive Amnesty

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has concluded that House Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) is wrong, and that Congress can in fact block funding for President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty order.


Will the Real Black Americans Please Stand up.

This young man has more common sense in him than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama put together!

By Charles R. Patrick Furguson

Even though he will more than likely be called horrible names like ‘Uncle Tom’ and other unmentionables this video must be watched and shared. In a world full of racial divide and growing reverse racism, it is amazing to see a breath of fresh like Charles R Patrick.


Obama HHS Secretary encourages Illegals to Sign up for Obamacare

Giving amnesty to millions who will receive taxpayer paid benefits is part of his plan to destroy the economy of the country.  The longer Obama remains in office devastating it will be to the United States, due to Spending, weakening the military, creating new laws or not obeying current laws or the Constitution.

We have a Muslim Trojan Horse in the White House and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will do anything about it.  I’m ¾ of a century old and I have seen this country at its best.  Younger people who vote for liberals will see this country at its worst and will only have themselves to blame.

Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson

Another Excellent Column by Patrick Buchanan “Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Friday - November 28, 2014

"It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters."

Edmund Burke's insight returned to mind while watching cable news coverage of the rampage in Ferguson, Missouri, after St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced that officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The rioting, looting, arson and gunfire that began after McCulloch relayed the grand jury's decision, a decision long predicted and anticipated, revealed the unspoken truth about Ferguson.

The problem in Ferguson is not the 53-man police department. The problem is the hoodlum element those Ferguson cops have to police, who, Monday night, burned and pillaged the stores on the main streets of their own community.

The police were portraits in restraint as they were cursed and showered with rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails. If the police were at fault at all, it was in their refusal to use the necessary force to stop a rampaging mob that destroyed the lives and livelihoods of honest businessmen and women of Ferguson.

Many will not be able to rebuild their stores. Many will not be able to get insurance. Many will give up and move away, the investment of a lifetime lost in a night of thuggery.

One recalls that the Detroit riot of 1967 was the beginning of the end of Motown. And it was decades before D.C. fully recovered from the riot and arson that followed the assassination of Dr. King.

In the wake of the Ferguson riot, some seek absolution for the rioters by redistributing responsibility to police and prosecutor.

Why, they demand, did McCulloch wait until 8 p.m., St. Louis time, to report the grand jury findings? Why did he wait until after dark?

Well, perhaps it was to give time for kids to get home from school and off the playgrounds, for businesses to close and shutter down, for rush hour to end. Hoodlums from Ferguson earlier stormed onto I-70 and shut down the Interstate -- the way home for tens of thousands of St. Louisans.

Whatever reason McCulloch had for waiting until 8 p.m. does not explain or excuse the rampant criminality that lasted until midnight.

"No justice, no peace!" has been a howl of the protesters.

What they mean is strikingly clear: Michael Brown, one of us, is dead. Therefore, this cop, Darren Wilson, must go on trial for his life.

But this is not justice in America.

We have a legal process to determine who was in the right and who in the wrong, and whether a crime has been committed by a policeman in the use of deadly force.

"No justice, no peace" is an encapsulation of the lex talionis, an eye for an eye. Do we really want to go back to race-based lynch law?

That 10 o'clock split screen of Obama in the White House briefing room calling for peaceful protest and greater efforts by police to understand "communities of color," side by side with graphic video of mob mayhem in Ferguson, tells a sad truth.

America's election of a black president has not closed and, for some, has not even narrowed the racial divide.

We are now half a century on from the Civil Rights Act of 1964. African-Americans have risen out of poverty and the working class to become successes as actors, artists, athletes, executives, politicians, TV anchors, journalists, scholars, generals, authors, etc.

But if the hate we saw on the streets of Ferguson, and heard from many voices on cable Monday night, are a reflection of sentiment in the black community, the racial divide in some parts of America is as great as ever.

Indeed, we may be slipping backwards.

"Where is the black leadership now?" asks Juan Williams of Fox News. Indeed, where?

Unfortunately, many are openly pandering to the crowd, denouncing the prosecutor, denouncing the grand jury, denouncing the Ferguson cops, but tongue-tied when it come to denouncing the thuggery of black youth on the streets of Ferguson.

The morning after the riot in Ferguson, President Cornell William Brooks of the NAACP called the grand jury decision not to indict Wilson "salt in the wound of a brutal injustice. ... The people in this community and across the country are ... saddened and outraged."

Where, from the president on down, do we hear any thunderous condemnation of what went on in Ferguson Monday night and of those responsible, coupled with a clarion call for the restoration of law and order in Ferguson, as an essential precondition of any civilized society?

Here is Eric Holder's venture into moral equivalency when the grand jury decision came down:

"It does not honor [Michael Brown's] memory to engage in violence or looting. In the coming days it will likewise be important for local law enforcement authorities to respect the rights of demonstrators, and deescalate tension by avoiding extreme displays -- and uses -- of force."

Now there's a lion of the law.

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The Emperor Has New Clothes...

Obama Admits: 'I Just Took an Action to Change the Law'

Watch this video.  Of course these are fake hecklers that Obama himself had planted.  He has done this a lot in the past.

But the point is, he is so brazen, and so confident that Republicans don’t have the gonads to do anything about it, that he admits, on camera, that he purposely broke federal law, and violated the constitution which he took an oath to uphold.

The new Republican House and the new Republican Senate need to elect new leaders.
Do you think Boehner or McConnell are going to do anything about it? 

He is now the Emperor, and the Emperor is wearing his new clothes.  He is shaking it in our face...

Obama’s amnesty executive order is deliberately disingenuous and misleading.   In his oath of office, among other things, he swore to “...take care that the laws be faithfully executed”.  That means the laws that Congress and only Congress makes.   It does NOT mean to ignore the law.  It does not mean to order the justice department to ignore the law.  It does not mean to change the law or add new laws.

The power of the executive is intended to be used to aid the president carry out his oath of office, not to avoid it.

I know Obama is not the first President to abuse the use of the executive order, and he won’t be the last.  Presidents of both parties have done so.  However, he has set a dangerous precedent buy crossing further over the line than any before him.

So, using prosecutorial discretion and this executive order as a precedent, a future president could issue an executive order saying the courts only have enough resources to hear cases brought by US Citizens against one another, so there would be no rights or security provided for non-citizens who are wronged in ANY way by a US citizen.   Essentially, there would be no prosecutions of any US citizens for ANY illegal action taken against an illegal alien.   You could hire them for a job and then not pay them.  You could rob them.  You could physically abuse them, but they couldn't call the police or try and take you to court because the executive order would tell law enforcement not to uphold the law when it came to crimes committed against people who are here illegally.
There is basically no difference between what Obama did last night and the executive order I just came up with.  Do you think liberal progressive Democrats would have a problem with that kind of prosecutorial discretion?

This is the worst deceitful lie of this deceptive administration and his lawyers should be disbarred!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Holidays From His Majesty The King

White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday
While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda — marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday.

The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday — and right before a major holiday.

Can we please just put the Ferguson incident behind us.

If Michael Brown had killed or crippled Officer Wilson, we probably would never even have heard about it. I'm sure Officer Wilson took no pleasure in taking a life, but when faced with a choice being killed or shooting the person attacking you, which would you do?
Cops like Officer Wilson put their lives on the line every day when they go to work.  And all MOST of them are doing is trying to prevent crimes like the following ones which we never hear about.

7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/11- Luis Aguilar, 91 year old hispanic male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/10- Brittany Simpson, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Sarah Goode, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Jeffrey Westerfield, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/5- Perry Renn, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/3- Laurey Kennedy, white female still in coma from beating by black male. No national news
7/3 Eric Mollet, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Rupert Anderson, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Jennifer Kingeter, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
6/30 Jim Brennan, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/29 Paul Shephard, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Shirley Barone, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Penelope Spencer, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Inga Evans, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/26 Jake Rameau, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/25 Gina Burger, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/24 Nathan Dasher, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/22 Jonathan Price, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/20 John Whitmore, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/18 John Yingling,white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/17 Allyn Reeves, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/15 Michael Beaver, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Angela Cook, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Nathan Hall, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/7 Harry Briggs, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/5 Laura Bachman, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/2 Robert Mohler, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/1 William Headley, white male, murdered by black male. No national news

Here is a picture of Michael Brown robbing a store shortly before he was shot. 
He doesn't look like a sweet Innocent child to me.
I can understand why the officer had to shoot this man...He is huge and he was trying to take the officers gun... If he had NOT shot him, he would have been killed.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Democrat is Twice Bitten, Not Shy

Ultimate Schadenfreude:

Democrat is Twice Bitten, Not Shy

By Selwyn Duke, on November 22nd, 2014
There’s stupid. There’s really stupid.
There’s really, really stupid.
Then there’s Democrat stupid.
A prime example is a Friday Wall Street Journal article titled “This Democrat Is Giving Up on ObamaCare.” It’s penned by one Burke Beu, someone I describe as “ethnically Democrat,” as he says “I grew up in a Democratic family.
I have been a registered Democrat since age 18.” He also tells us, “[I was] a Democratic candidate for statewide office in Colorado and a party precinct captain in that caucus state. I’ve volunteered for numerous Democratic candidates and contributed to party causes and campaigns. The 2014 election results were extremely disappointing for me….”
And, of course, Mr. Beu has soured on ObamaCare. In fact, he wants it repealed. All good so far. Except that he doesn’t have any explicitly harsh words for Obama, hasn’t given up on his party, wants a single-payer system and seems to believe Hillary Clinton is the solution in 2016. (Note: In fairness, Clinton is different from Obama — she has two X chromosomes.) But here are the money lines:
I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, then lost my job in the Great Recession. I was lucky; my brother lost his job and his house. I survived on part-time jobs while paying out-of-pocket for my health insurance.
I voted for President Obama again in 2012, then received a cancellation notice for my health insurance. This was due to ObamaCare, the so-called Affordable Care Act. However, I couldn’t afford anything else.
Does this guy wear a “Kick me” sign?
He wears a “Kick me harder” sign.

There’s a saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” What do you say about a guy whose life consists of being fooled?
Beu believes Medicare should be “a model for health-care reform” and says “We Democrats need to get over ourselves, start anew on a national health-care policy, and return to our progressive principles.”

Actually, sir, you need to get over your party.
First, “progressive principles” is an oxymoron; liberals don’t have principles, but provisional positions. This is because they’re governed by emotion, which changes with the wind. As G.K. Chesterton put it, “Progress is a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative.” No, I won’t explain that, Mr. Beu. You figure it out.

Beu also mentions the “stupidity of the American voter” remark by ObamaCare designer Jonathan Gruber, taking umbrage and saying “Such comments…are insults to every citizen regardless of party.” So Goober is offended by Gruber.

And Beu is one of those very “useful” people. He doesn’t get that elitist snobbery and superciliousness define the left. Just think of the revelations about socialist French president François Hollande, who is “a cold, cynical cheat and a Socialist who ‘doesn’t like the poor,’” writes National Post about insights provided by the leftist’s ex-girlfriend ValĂ©rie Trierweiler. “He presents himself as the man who doesn’t like the rich. In reality, the president doesn’t like the poor” and in private calls them “the toothless ones,” reports Trierweiler. 

Oh, too anecdotal? “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned”? Then read the 2008 piece “Don’t listen to the liberals — Right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows.” It relates what some of us without “Kick me” signs figured out for ourselves long ago.

Beu also says, when pointing out that Democrats need to exhibit humility and admit error on ObamaCare, “We resent Republicans who act morally superior and pretend to have a monopoly on patriotism, but….”

It’s not pretense, Bucko. As this Pew poll from this summer shows, while 72 percent of “steadfast conservatives” and 81 percent of “business conservatives” “often feel proud to be American,” only 40 percent of “solid liberals” do. That, Mr. Beu, is by liberals’ own admission. (Pew also has a category in the poll called “Faith and Family Left.” I’ve never heard of such a thing — unless it refers to faith in government and the family of the person the liberal is cheating on his spouse with.)

Note also that when liberals and conservatives don’t feel proud to be American, it’s for very different reasons. Liberals don’t like what America was, was meant to be, and what they often imagine it to be (“We’re so Puritan!”); conservatives don’t like the cesspool the liberals are turning it into.

I know schadenfreude isn’t a feeling reflective of a charitable spirit, but the best I can say about the Beus of the world is that they need tough love. Mr. Beu reminds me of a guy who’s being held by the back of the neck, is being repeatedly and violently kicked, and complains about how something needs to be done about the foot. Tend to the foot. Regulate the foot. Repeal the foot.
Mr. Beu, that foot happens to be attached to a man, a being with intellect and free will. And he is not your friend.


Every presidential election is historic.

The President does not have to be a “FIRST” anything to be historic, so PLEASE, NEVER vote for someone just because it would be a “FIRST”.
If all we’re trying to do at the polls is create historic moments, we could do that in practically any election.  Mitt Romney would have been the first Mormon elected president.  John McCain would have been the first (and probably only) Vietnam POW elected president.  John Kerry would have been the first Frankenstein’s monster elected president.  Dennis Kucinich, the first Hobbit.  And Al Gore, the first robot… 

OK, we have already elected a Muslim for President.  Please, let’s not ever elect another one.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


In a recent column by Dr. Thomas Sowell, he says, "Pundits who depict Obama as a weak, lame duck president may be greatly misjudging him, as they have so often in the past."
After he and his policies were clearly rejected in the mid-term election, he issued Congress an ultimatum, saying that if congress doesn't enact the kind of immigration law that he would like, he will bypass them and issue an executive order to change the nation's immigration laws.  He then proceeded to do just that.  That along with along with other remarks he has made since the election does not sound like a lame duck.

Obama plans to continue doing precisely what he promised during his 2008 presidential campaign, to "fundamentally change America".   Obama is doing exactly that by subverting our Constitution and adopting the political style of a self appointed dictator.

He showed his willingness to ignore the Constitution when he eliminated the work requirement in welfare reform laws enacted during the Clinton administration.  Obama has used executive orders to illegally change the law on several occasions.  Obamacare is a good example; it was enacted by Congress and became the law of the land and he illegally made changes to that law without congressional approval.  His amnesty order is the most recent example.

The Presidential Executive Order does NOT give the President the power to enact new laws, nor does it give him the power to CHANGE existing laws.  It is suppose to be a tool to be used to enforce existing laws. 
As Dr. Thomas Sowell said in his column, "people who are increasingly questioning Barack Obama's competence are continuing to ignore the alternative possibility that his fundamental values and imperatives are different from theirs."

The recent elections, which will give Republicans control of both houses of Congress, clearly indicate a repudiation of much of Obama's agenda.  But, it is beginning to look as if the Republicans do not have the gonads to act on the power handed to them by “we the voters” and stop the president from running roughshod over the Constitution by impeachment.  They have decided to sue him instead.

It is my understanding that this law suite is limited to his actions relating to “ObamaCare”.  I posted a previous blog about it:
Because this law suite seems to be getting bipartisan support, it may be quicker and more effective than impeachment.  At least as far as ObamaCare is concerned.      

Ivy League School Holds Funeral for All Non-White People Killed By Racism

Ivy League School Holds Funeral for Michael Brown and All Other Non-White People Killed By Racism

Preparing for the soon expected grand jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, students at the University of Pennsylvania held a ceremonial funeral on Friday afternoon for “black and brown bodies” oppressed by the evils of capitalism and the racism of police officers.

The very premise of this brown/black funeral is racist, and those promoting it are promoting racism.  The idea would have had meaning 100 or so years ago, but today more blacks are killed by other blacks than by whites, and I might add, when a black IS killed by a white, the racism is usually imaginary. 
If this hoodlum had not been trying to take the Police Officers gun away from him, he would not have been shot.
I wonder if these left wing nuts will have a funeral for all the white people who have been killed by blacks.

The Law Suite Against Obama is a Bipartisan effort.

Lead lawyer suing Obama gives electrifying speech that every American needs to hear!

When I first heard that the Republican House Hired a Liberal (Democrat) Law Professor to Sue Obama, I thought “what a stupid thing to do”.

This man is a self-described liberal who says he voted for Obama and even supports nationalized health care.  However, he believes the president has often exceeded his authority.

There are many qualified conservative lawyers available, but after hearing this man speak, I think he is a very good choice.   It is much better that this law suite be a bipartisan effort.

Of course, I’m in favor of impeachment and removal from office, but if this law suite goes as I hope it will, it will help get bipartisan support for impeachment proceedings.

Obama has broken every law and overstepped his duties.  He is destroying this country.  His ideology is socialism.  He has destroyed our free American and taken away our liberties, our free choice.  Obama is an admitted follower of Saul Alinsky, who wrote “The Rules For Radicals”, which Obama follow to a T. Saul Alinsky was a follower of Karl Marx, who wrote, The Communist Manifesto”.

This is where our country is going if this man is allowed to remain in office.  It’s sad, sick pathetic…..and certainly he is impeachable.