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Baltimore Riot Update.

Records indicate that Freddie Gray had a Pre-existing Spinal Injury, which was Part Of Settlement he received.
The media is leaving out much of the career criminal history of Freddie Gray in their reporting.  It seems now that they may also be failing to discuss his very relevant medical history, one which may have included multiple surgeries for spinal injuries incurred in a car crash.

Tourism is really booming in the United States

Tourism is really booming in the United States

And, at least 36,000 of them did NOT come to America to ride the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, tour Washington's Lincoln Memorial or feast on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, or see one of our National Parks.

Are you failure with the term “Anchor baby”?

"Anchor babies" are identified as such because their parents are not U.S. citizens.  Most of them are illegally in the country, but at least 36,000 are here legally.  And, these parents are fully aware that once the child is born he/she/they are immediately eligible for government handouts, among these are WIC subsidies, Food Stamps, housing assistance and welfare.
The United States is financially broke and indebted up to its ears; unfettered immigration is steadily increasing that debt as more and more illegal immigrants come across the border with the sole intention of giving birth to their children in the United States in an effort to abuse the system and to take advantage of the American taxpayer. 
Birth-right citizenship is NOT a constitutional right, in fact, Rule of Naturalization is a power given to the Legislative branch under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution: "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;"  This would make it statutory, not Constitutional.

Even Senator Howard, who wrote the 14th Amendment explicitly stated that it was not intended to apply to aliens: "This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers"...   Senator Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, elaborated: "What do we mean by 'subject to the jurisdiction' of the United States? Not owing allegiance to anyone else. That is what it means ... It cannot be said of any (one) who owes allegiance ... to some other government that he is 'subject' to the jurisdiction of the United States." 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Here are Today’s Headlines.

Here are Today’s Headlines.

Do you see the Problems?

Obama and Holder and the rest of the Obama Administration Built That.

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Fellow Americans; We Are Screwed!

Beachgoers in San Diego blithely agreed that President Barack Obama should be given the power to completely repeal the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting ISIS in another disturbing insight into the unthinking malaise of many Americans.
Told by media analyst and author Mark Dice that Obama had announced he was to repeal the Bill of Rights in order to “help make sure that we can keep everybody safe here in the homeland,” almost all the respondents agreed that eliminating constitutional rights was perfectly reasonable.

Watch these idiots.  In all fairness, there was good answer.

The sad truth is, that is exactly what our current crop of liberal “communist” Democrats are wanting to do!  They would just love this! They hate the fact that the Constitution and the bill of rights keeps getting in their way.  Then they would really run rough shod over all of the American people!  


Donation to Clinton Foundation 'looks like bribery'

If it Looks Like a Duck and It Walks Like a Duck…

Thursday, April 23, 2015

48% of American citizens cannot be that stupid.

The American people are no longer paying attention to what Government is doing. 
I read just yesterday that Obama’s approval rating is back up to 48%.  I know that 48% of American citizens cannot be that damned stupid. 
Several prominent members of the Democratic party have come out if favor of legalizing abortion right up to and including when the mother is actually giving birth.  They believe partial birth abortion should be legal.  Other Democrats have stated they are in favor of euthanizing disabled and handicapped people.

I fully realize that the Democratic Party in this country has been taken over by the communist party, but what some democrats are now proposing is just like Nazi Germany.

Barack Obama is called a pure Communist by the Russian Press and many in Russia are making that statement.  Maybe that is why the Boston Bombers could get away with what they did.  Russia knew that the older brother was one to watch and they informed our intelligence community of it, yet the FBI once again failed because they “did not want to inflame people with Jihad connections or ideology!” 

Obama has declared that the United States will not “attack” those who hate the United States and instead, Obama wants to try to appease the situation in the terrorists’ favor.  One individual, a man named Xavier Lerma, who wrote many articles about Obama and what he has done, along with calling the people of the United States stupid and ignorant for putting him in office has openly called Obama a Communist!  His article, “Obama’s Soviet Mistake,” discusses why what Obama is doing now has been done before in Russia and it failed.

 Mr. Lerma stated:
“Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.”
This was in the first paragraph of his article where he made the statement about President Obama, “Well, any normal individual understands that as true but liberalism is a psychosis.  O’bomber even keeps the war going along the Mexican border with projects like “fast and furious” and there is still no sign of ending it. He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”
How many times have the Obama Supporters been called the “Kool Aid Kids?” Yet, Obama still gets his way by making taxes on purchases of anything on the internet. There is no doubt that new internet sales tax legislation will simply be another tax that will be used by Obama to do as he wishes to do! Yep, the United Socialists States of America has tasted the drink of illusion and they will dance in the fire should Obama tell them to do so!

The average American citizen today probably does not even know what Communism is, and unfortunately most don’t even care.  Following is a description of the ten planks of communism, which nobody will read, but that’s OK I’m happy that you read this far…
1. Abolition of private property
The first plank of Communism is the abolishment of private property. America is certainly here in terms of eminent domain, where the state has the ability to expropriate private property “for the public good.” Per the Fifth Amendment, the government must fairly compensate a citizen in return, but lines tend to blur when the government is given the authority to assess what is “fair and just” in the first place. Regardless of whether the final sum is one agreeable to the private citizen, the property will still be confiscated with or without the owner’s consent.
Typically, land or property acquired through eminent domain is used to house public works that are intended to benefit the community such as public utilities, freeways, libraries and schools. It is a slippery slope, however.  After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London, the scope of eminent domain was expanded outside its traditional boundaries to include revitalizing “depressed areas.” In other words, in the spirit of gentrification or regeneration, a citizen’s private property can be seized by the government to build a sports complex, or even a shopping mall if the state deems it a public good.
Another example of government encroachment on citizens’ private property is evident in the far-reach of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) that buy mortgages on the secondary market.  If a citizen’s mortgage is held by one of these government-backed giants, Uncle Sam is entirely “too close to home.”
Interconnected is property tax. Simply, if one is subject to property tax, then the land or property being taxed doesn’t actually belong to the “owner.” Fall behind on these payments and the government will seize a citizen’s home, business or land, regardless of whether his or her mortgage is paid in full.
Homes are not the only area subject to government encroachment, however. In fact, Uncle Sam owns roughly 650 million acres of land across the 50 states — with its highest ownership stake (85%) in Nevada.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has the authority to seize private property during “emergency” situations.

2. Heavy progressive income tax
This particular tenet needs no introduction, nor example. America now holds the world record for highest corporate tax rate, surpassing even Japan. This is a crucial plank of the Manifesto, as it ensures that nary a high income earner will remain standing and everyone may subsist in equal mediocrity or (worse).
Ironically, Communists bang on incessantly about “equality” when in fact a flat-tax is arguably the fairest system of all and one that could still, by design, ensure Marx’s ultimate goal of “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” If a 10% flat tax were implemented, then 10% of a $5,000 income would amount to far less than 10% of a $500,000 income. Thus, those who make more money, still pay more. Alas, that is certainly not the way Marx would have portrayed it. Nor is it the way the current administration seems to see it given the president’s renewed push to instate ”The Buffett Rule,” which seeks to raise the income tax rate on high income earners — including small business owners — even higher than it is now.
Regardless, whether one is subject to a flat or a progressive tax system, a foreboding and omnipotent force looms dangerously over the American ether: The IRS. Fail to pay your “fair share,” and you will soon learn of the government’s ultimate power — to freeze your bank accounts, seize your property, penalize and, in some instances even imprison you. There is perhaps no greater example of a Marxist economic policy in action than this.

3. Abolition to all rights of inheritance
One of the many stark contradictions found in the Manifesto is outlined in this particular pillar. What was most ironic about Marx’s desire to abolish inheritance was that, if he had his way, citizens would not own anything of value to bequeath upon death in the first place. Nonetheless, his odd and arguably redundant tenet has worked its way into the American landscape via the estate tax. And its very alias, the “death tax,”  should alone raise eyebrows, if not outright suspicion of government’s dubious motives.
First, many argue the estate tax is unconstitutional because it creates a direct tax that is not disbursed to the states for collection. But the more obvious discrepancy is that it allows the government to tax individuals twice, as the items that find their way into one’s estate — be they a car, house, land, jewelry or other valuable possessions — have already been subject to either sales or property tax once before. The Federal government’s carte blanche to double-dip is spurred further by Democrats’ renewed push to resurrect and expand what the Wall Street Journal dubs President Obama’s “night of living death tax.”
With the staggering rate applied to estates worth over $5 million, citizens may soon wonder why it is worth the bother to spend a lifetime building a personal or business empire to pass down to their children and grandchildren at all. By the second generation, there would be nothing left.

4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants & rebels
This Manifesto pillar is perhaps best laid out in the recent string of government crackdowns on “homegrown militias.” Those who have paid careful attention to Janet Napolitano know that one of Homeland Security’s preoccupations of late has been the “rise” of “homegrown militias.” With this in mind, the department is likely honing in on anyone considered an “opposition group,” be they merely survivalists or those with a more militant bent.
Some may recall the Michigan militia, or ”Hutaree,” as they are known — a group of anti-government “rebels” who were allegedly engaged in preparations for a potential future clash with federal agencies. The defendants were accused of conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government, a planned assassination of a police officer, and an ambush of that officer’s funeral with explosives in order to incite an uprising against the Federal government. While the anticipated attack never actually occurred, this did not stop the Feds, under the blessing of Attorney General Eric Holder, from raiding the Hutaree’s various outposts, confiscating its members’ arms and waging an all-out legal battle against the group.
At the end of March, 2012, presiding U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed the most serious of the charges against the Hutaree, leveling a staggering blow to the Fed. She said the members’ hatred of government did not amount to a conspiracy to overthrow it.
It remains unclear whether the Hutaree were indeed poised to be the aggressors of a violent assault or if they were simply anti-big-government, “good ol’ boy” survivalists preparing to “defend themselves” against a perceived government threat. But the Federal agencies’ indictment of the group perhaps reveals how government will deal with homegrown “threats” — be they real or perceived — moving forward.
Another key element, and one that warrants mention due to its relevance in modern day America, is the confiscation of citizens’ weapons. Those who have felt their Second Amendment rights slowly whittle away understand that disarming the public is a crucial step vital to ensuring the state’s grip over its citizenry.  In fact, one of the first tasks performed by the then-fledgling Soviet state was the confiscation of citizens’ private arms — even hunting rifles. By stripping people of the ability to defend themselves, the authoritarian state could reign over the vulnerable Russian populace. Many Americans consider this a highly plausible reality given increasingly stringent gun laws and regulations spread across all 50-states.
It should also be noted that IRS liens, levies and seizures are all means by which the Federal government can confiscate a “rebel” entity’s assets — one instance being the recent IRS “shakedown” of Tea Party members.  And, in terms of “emigrants,” taxing the off-shore income and assets of American citizens, or causing Americans to give up their U.S. citizenship and flee to foreign lands to avoid abusive U.S. taxes, is yet another means by which the Fed’s confiscatory, overreaching tentacles are changing the American landscape.  Statistics point out a rising trend…

5. Centralization and monopolization of credit by means of a national bank 
Created by Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve is, for all intents and purposes, America’s national bank charged with setting the monetary policy that controls the nation’s economic stability. The Federal Reserve holds the power to guide interest rates, thus controlling inflation. The effects of this agency’s actions are felt in measurable ways by everyday Americans, every day. From the interest rate accrued to mortgages and other lines of credit to determining the value of one’s home, it is both the seen and unforeseen reach of this institution that sets the tone for Americans’ financial security.
On the grander scale, the Federal Reserve has the more sinister power of devaluing U.S. currency, and thus the value of goods, services and property, via “quantitative easing,” or, as it is affectionately dubbed, printing money.
“One of the fundamental problems with the U.S. economy right now is the Federal Reserve thinks the answer to all our economic problems is printing money,” said the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. “We haven’t created new jobs from all of this printing of money, but what we have produced is inflation in prices.”

6. Centralized control of communication & transportation

a) Transportation
The ways in which the Federal government controls America’s communication and transportation systems are almost too vast to count, but a few shining examples stand out. In terms of transportation, the Interstate Highway System, the Federal Aviation Authority and the Department of Transportation are of course the most obvious government bureaucracies controlling the country’s means of transport. Less-obvious, perhaps, is Amtrak, a government owned corporation and essentially the only passenger rail carrier in the country. Indeed the railroad industry’s metamorphosis from a private enterprise to a nationalized entity perhaps tells the greatest tale of the insidious ways in which the Federal government appropriates what it wants, when it wants.
In the first half of the 20th century, the U.S. rail industry enjoyed what many called it’s “Golden Age.” But the once flourishing U.S. rail industry’s day in the sun was eclipsed when the Fed introduced a “rate-setting” scheme by which rail carriers were forced to adopt. The result was a decrease in profits, decrease in rail system growth, decrease in investments and an increase in labor costs. Not surprisingly, this had the reverse effect than that intended by the Fed when it first set rail carrier rates. After World War II the industry was in steady decline and by the 1960s service had degenerated to such a degree that the U.S. government formed Amtrak. The obvious lesson here is that if government can destroy an industry to such a degree that that industry’s only means of survival moving forward is through nationalization, there is no reason to think it couldn’t just as easily happen to a commercial air carrier, for example, or any other privately held mode of transportation.
As mentioned above, air traffic, ground traffic and maritime traffic via the nation’s port authorities are all overseen and subject to take-over by the government should FEMA deem a state of emergency.

b) Communication
Presently, when it comes to communication, conservatives argue that nothing screams of Marxism louder than the Federal Communications Commission and Obama’s appointment of its “Chief Diversity Officer,” Frank Lloyd.
One of the administration’s many “czars,” Lloyd was a senior fellow at the progressive think tank, Center for American Progress, where he authored a June 2007 report titled, ”The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.” The content may point to Lloyd’s intentions when it comes to silencing voices of opposition, and many conservatives believe that Obama’s “Diversity Czar” intends to revive the Fairness Doctrine.
For those unfamiliar, the Fairness Doctrine, adopted in 1949, obligated broadcasters to provide opposing points of view on issues of national importance regardless of actual market demand for the content. Media Research Center’s Setton Motley said, if reinstated, caps would be placed on local and national ownership of commercial radio stations; local accountability over licensing would be ensured; and those not in compliance would be subject to paying a fee to support public broadcasting. As it stands, the FCC already levies heavy regulations on broadcasters and monitors all communication aired across radio and television waves.
Looking forward, another impending threat can be found in the current struggle for control over the Internet. Currently, the World Wide Web is controlled by the U.S. government via the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and its subsidiary, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Both are under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
There has been a growing push, however, for America to relinquish its control in the name of a world “without borders,” or “one world government.” Countries like China and Russia, in particular, have vied for control, doggedly pursuing the United Nations for assistance in breaking the U.S. stronghold.
If the U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU), along with its nearly 200 member state allies were to take control of the levers, cyber security and data privacy would be subject to international control.
While even in the land of the free no information received or transmitted over the Internet escapes the prying eyes of Big Brother, it goes without saying America’s First Amendment rights still ensure a far more liberated information superhighway than the one that would exist under the reins of a dubious global body formed by the U.N. and led by China and Russia. Meanwhile, the entire global economy hangs in the balance.

7. Government ownership of factories 
In terms of government owned factories, few could ever forget “Government Motors.” After nearly $53 billion in bailout funds over the course of two administrations, the U.S. government now owns a controlling stake in GM, raising the obvious question of how government can fairly regulate its own business.  While GM asked the government to intervene, and while Amtrak was instead a victim of a federally-engineered scheme, both are examples of how government assumes control of private enterprise. Typically, it is the American taxpayer who fails to reap the dividends and becomes the victim of these machinations.

8. Equal liability of all to labor
The first thought which springs to mind when reading the Manifesto’s tenet on equal labor is the overriding presence of labor unions within the U.S. workforce. While labor unions in and of themselves are not nationalized organizing bodies, they have enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship with government, particularly through the progressive policies and lawmakers that prop up their various agendas. In fact, there may be no brighter an illustration of socialism manifested than the collective organizing body of America’s labor unions. Although subject to regulation and oversight by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), unions still overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates, thus a cycle of quid pro quo is perpetuated.
Another example of government control in the workplace emerges via the Labor Department’s Affirmative Action policies. By mandating that employers meet a staff-quota comprising women, minorities and people with disabilities, private business is being forced to relinquish its ability to hire on the basis of merit, thus failing to deliver excellence and best practices. While many women, minorities and those with disabilities do indeed possess the skill sets needed to succeed in a specific job, it should, critics argue, be left to private enterprise to determine which candidate is best suited for the task at hand.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a government owned corporation, has been hailed a prime example of true socialism in America. It is the country’s largest public power company, with a generating capacity of 31,658 megawatts. Its 17,000 miles of transmission lines deliver power through 158 locally owned distributors to 8.5 million residents of the Tennessee Valley. While even Republicans, for the most part, consider TVA to be a success, its case is considered unique in that the government model has never been able to be successfully duplicated along any other State waterway.
Agricultural subsidies are another prime example of this Manifesto plank in motion. An extensive analysis conducted by the CATO Institute determined that, when it comes to corporate welfare no one has reaped a greater windfall, or hurt taxpayers more than the “supermarket to the world,” Archer Daniels. An excerpt from the report reads:
ADM and its chairman Dwayne Andreas have lavishly fertilized both political parties with millions of dollars in handouts and in return have reaped billion-dollar windfalls from taxpayers and consumers. Thanks to federal protection of the domestic sugar industry, ethanol subsidies, subsidized grain exports, and various other programs, ADM has cost the American economy billions of dollars since 1980 and has indirectly cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in higher prices and higher taxes over that same period. At least 43 percent of ADM’s annual profits are from products heavily subsidized or protected by the American government. Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by ADM’s corn sweetener operation costs consumers $10, and every $1 of profits earned by its ethanol operation costs taxpayers $30
Aside from being incongruent with the free market, the nation’s agricultural subsidies cost tax payers tens of billions of dollars each year and typically only benefit larger farming outfits.
On the flip side, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is placing greater and greater restrictions on business in the form of cap and trade and in mandating the purchase of carbon credits.

10. Free education for all children in government controlled schools
What can be said of America’s beleaguered public education system could fill volumes, yet one needn’t look far to pluck one or two prime examples as proof that there are indeed no “free lunches.”
The Blaze recently uncovered a series of reports revealing what happens when a bureaucrat decides that the school district, along with its unionized faculty members, know better about a child’s needs than his or her parents do. Whether the control comes via mandating a child’s school lunch box contents, or altering the Pledge of Allegiance to omit the phrase “one nation under God,” or subjecting students to inadequate instruction from a teacher solely on the basis of that teacher’s tenure – a teacher who cannot be fired or replaced — the public school system is, arguably, setting up generations for failure.

Free medicine…the 11th tenet?  

While not addressed specifically in the 10 tenets of the Communist Manifesto, national health care is perhaps — at least in modern day America — “the key to the empire.” It is why the fate of Obamacare is of utmost importance to the left. If passed, it sets precedent by establishing the “new normal” in government authority over private citizens. Legal experts and pundits alike have consistently argued the unconstitutionality of the health care bill, underscoring its significance as a “gateway” to other forms of government intrusion.
The bill’s unconstitutionality is irrelevant to those who, while claiming to champion the founding document, appear to be working to dismantle it.
Some balk at the use of the word “Communism,” dismissing its invocation as hyperbole. Yet when dissecting actual policies, laws, regulations and bureaucratic government approaches which Americans are increasingly subjected to, and weighing them against the 10 progressive “rules to live by,” the facts scream loudly and clearly in the face of those who deny the ever-creeping onset of Socialism.  Marx’s Communist “utopia” is only one evolutionary stage away from reality.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fortune Magazine's list of the world’s fifty greatest leaders.

Fortune Magazine issued their list of the world’s fifty greatest leaders and our President is not listed by his popular alias of Barack Obama.
He is also not listed by his REAL name of Barry Soetoro.   Perhaps he has other aliases of which I am unaware.

Some might think that to be a bit strange considering that the President on the United States is often referred as the “leader of the ‘free’ world”.  Personally, I would have been surprised if his name was on the list.  Much more is known about him now than when he won the Nobel Piece Prize.

I was quite surprised however by some of the names on the list.  Some of them I have never heard of, including many that I don’t even know how to  pronounce, such as #2, Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank and the #3 selection, Xi Jinping, the Chinese Leader. Fifth choice, India’s president Norenda Modi.

Here’s the list:

Monday, April 20, 2015


Obama’s Weekly Address:

Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored

Only an idiot, I mean only an absolute idiot would actually believe that these bureaucratic hypocrites care anything about the planet.  All they care about is power, control, and money.  America’s power and money for starters, but they will then move on to all power and all wealth. 

Obama isn’t worried about the planet.  His mansion in Hawaii, which will be his home after he leaves office, is in no danger of being flooded, and he knows it.
Obama says that this winter was the warmest ever recorded.  That is another blatant lie.  The capacity to record over 70% of the temperatures of the world at ground level doesn’t even exist and beyond that, above ground level is absolute guesswork.  Climate models are a complete abstraction composed almost entirely of guesswork and assumptions.  They create the models and science that will meet their arguments.  There is nothing scientific to support their political claims.

He didn’t repeat the lies of hurricanes and storms he was spewing in his previous speeches, probably because the mild decade has made it too hard of a sell, switching to droughts and fire seasons.  There is not, and never has been any evidence that any of this is connected to humans.   Yes, there has been climate change.  There always has been, and there always will be.  And many of those climate changes of the past have been much more extreme than any that have occurred since humans began burning fossil fuels.

This deception has all been orchestrated on the heels of the 1992 Rio Climate Summit to use climate as the tool of our destruction.  Maurice Strong and his comrades at the Club of Rome laid this foundation and are using the framework of the United Nations to brainwash the masses into accepting the lies.  

Obama is clearly part of this scheme.  He quotes the Surgeon General, anonymous Pentagon officials and others that he put into positions of power with the understanding they will parrot his lies. These people have no credibility.
Obama says he going to visit the Everglades on Earth Day because sea levels are rising.  He may not know it and he’s probably counting on the ignorance of the American people once again, but the Everglades is completely inland.

The sea levels may be slowly rising, but if they are, it has nothing to do with global warming.  Erosion of the earth will cause sea levels to rise.  Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?  That canyon has not always been there, it was created by erosion.   Every time a hurricane hits the east coast, thousands of cubic feet of beach is washed out to sea.   The damage is repaired by hauling tons of sand to repair the damage.

Another cause of rising sea levels is lava flow from volcanoes.  Have you seen the videos of the lava flowing into the sea in Hawaii?  And, what about all the underwater volcanoes in the oceans, most of which we don’t even know about.  I recently watched a video of a new island being created out in the middle of the ocean by an underwater volcano.

Finally, as he closes his insulting attack on our intelligence, Obama repeats the falsehood that carbon Dioxide is pollution.  Carbon Dioxide is not pollution any more than oxygen is pollution. The fact is, it is just as important to life on earth as we know it as oxygen, because without it, there would be no plant life.  Without plant life, there could be no animal life.

Everybody keeps harping about “greenhouse gases”.  Did you know that of all the so-called “greenhouse gases,” water vapor is by far the most prevalent.   

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prepare for an economic doomsday

Obama is setting us up for serious failure right when he leaves office...

The following is an excerpt from Townhall:

Federal deficits may have been falling since the end of the recent recession, but thanks to spending increases in major health care programs, including Obamacare, deficits are set to explode in 2017, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office.
Thanks to the recent recession and President Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus, the federal budget deficit reached an all time $1.4 trillion high in 2009. Then, as the economy slowly improved and Obama’s stimulus trickled to end, the deficit began to fall. According to the CBO, the deficit will continue to fall to $467 billion in 2016.
Immediately after Obama leaves office, however, deficits are expected to rise steadily thanks mostly to growth in mandatory health care spending programs like Obamacare. By 2025 the CBO estimates that our nation’s federal deficits will again top $1 trillion a year. For comparison’s sake the highest deficit ever under President Bush was $458 billion.
Obama is an unaccomplished community organizer who never had a real job.  He has had no economic, military, or management training or experience of any kind and he is now trying to micromanage the entire country.

We elected the most incompetent man the White House has ever seen. Not once, but twice.   The LAST person on earth we need attempting to clean up his mess would be Hillary.

Truly a sad state of affairs.

Friday, April 17, 2015

How Many Lies Can a Really Experienced Liar Tell?

The mainstream media won’t do its duty and job, so you and I must publish Hillary Clinton lies for the world to see and hear.

I don’t oppose Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, just as I never opposed Obama because of the color of his skin.  I oppose her because, like Obama, she is an anti-American socialist and she cannot tell the truth to save her life.

Like Obama, her candidacy cannot survive without the aid of deception, division, and cover up by the liberal media.

A true leader doesn’t need pollsters, a panel of advisers, two news conferences and a room full of media drones just to announce whether or not she used an unauthorized server to conduct official government business and therefore deleted emails in an attempt to avoid prosecution.  A true leader would never break the law in the first place.  And a true leader doesn’t shout “what does it matter” when four lives are lost in the wake of her unmitigated failure. 

Any self-respecting adult with an ounce of integrity would simply admit the truth.  Or, I should say, any self-aware child who knows the difference between right and wrong, life and death.

Students Support Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman

College Students Support Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman.  They have no Clue What Her Politics Are, and They Really Don’t Care.

This shows just how far out of touch from reality these students are.  They are too young to understand how bad taxes are because they haven't had to pay any YET!  They just go on with their clueless lives until one day when mommy and daddy are gone and their on their own!

That's what you get when the Liberal Progressive moon-bats run the schools...and colleges...A bunch of brainwashed socialist students.

And unfortunately, it’s not just the students.   No one cares about the issues anymore.  People voted for Obama (TWICE) simply because he was "black" and for no other reason, and look where it got us.  Now all those same brain-dead fools are going to do the same thing again.

Albert Einstein once said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

That reminds me of something Basketball great Charles Barkley said.   He said “poor black people have been voting for Democrats all their life, and they are still poor.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unmasking the real Obama doctrine

On Monday, The Jerusalem Post published an important op-ed titled Unmasking the real Obama Doctrine.  
The article was written by David Parsons, the director of media and public relations of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.
In the article, Parsons enumerated Obama’s blunders in the Middle East and explored what is driving the president and where Obama is trying to steer the course of world affairs.


The Obama Administration (Hilary) are lying traitor tyrants.   Obama is a  Muslim and knows exactly what the is doing.  THE MUSLIM RELIGION IS A CULT, IT"S QURAN (THE SOURCE) and the group CAIR are evil sources.  It's an ancient ideology that indoctrinates the implementation of Sharia law throughout the world.  It quickly spreads through deception with half truths and lies to convert or force members to stay within the cult.  It frightens, intimidates and threatens anyone who wishes to leave with crimes against humanity. 

The majority of Muslims followers are good and kind but they need to realize: “If Jesus Christ were here right now and was asked what He thought about the God of the Koran and the God of Islam, what would His answer be?”

1. A true God does not need to destroy or kill His own creations of Men, Women & Children and endorse His followers to judge others in carrying out such crimes against humanity to build His Kingdom.  That's Satan.
2. A true God is for freedom & democracy to build His Kingdom. He loves the women He created and does not place evil men to destroy or overpower them.  That's Satan.
3. A true God does not force or justify LYING to deceive others to build His kingdom.  That's Satan the father of all lies.
4. A true God does not abandon men into entering heaven if they are killed by a women in war or make promises of many virgins for war crimes.  That's Satan.
5. A true God is about love and light because a true God knows how to change and convert hearts without evil acts or force by men.  Satan is the God over the Muslim cult.  May the good kind Muslims have the support and courage to leave it as many others have.  Choose NOT to go somewhere or support those that embrace a CULT that wants you or your family DEAD.

Be informed instead of opinionated.

Friday, April 10, 2015

What you need to know about Freedom, Racism, and Gun Control, in one short Video



The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed- where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.
Alex Kosinski
Federal Appeals Judge