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Another Example of why I like Concealed Carry Laws

Armed Man Gathers People Together in Dollar General Break-room, but Concealed Carry Holder Saves Them

When Kevin Mclaughlin entered the Dollar General in Orrville, Alabama, he probably didn’t expect it would be the last thing he would ever do. Brandishing a pistol, the man began herding people into the breakroom. But concealed permit holder Marlo Ellis waited until the right moment to gun down the potential murderer, which led many to call him a ‘Good Samaritan’ and a true hero.

The man is not set to be charged with any crime for defending himself and others against the masked gunman.

Surely, this isn’t the sort of thing liberals have in mind when they seek to ban firearms. But people who feel a responsibility to protect themselves and others are well aware that there are bad people out there, both inside and outside of government, and know that firearms not only end lives, but can also save them.

This reminds me of the Sirloin Stockade massacre some years ago in Oklahoma City.  Only this time, thinks to concealed carry laws, there was a happy ending.
If you don’t know about that incident, you can learn all about it here, and here.

The Obama administration is threatening public safety by releasing illegal aliens with criminal records,

Obama Admin Released Tens of Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Criminals

Obama administration released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year

Here's A Very Good Campaign Video.

Campaign Video Shows 2nd Amendment Support and Shoots Down Obamacare.

Alabama state congressional candidate Will Brooke just released what may be the most entertaining anti-Obamacare/pro-Second Amendment ad you’ll see this year.

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 County Commissioner Will Take Jail over Being Denied Her Religious Rights

What this Commissioner is seeing first hand is what typical commie, Nazi, fascist, socialist, liberal governments do.  It is all tyranny and it is about control and enslavement of the people.  

Here is an interesting fact that this lame brain judge is probably unaware of.
The first act of the first session of the Continental Congress was to pass the following resolution :-

September 6, 1774.-Resolves; That the Rev. Mr. Duche be de-sired to
open Congress to-morrow morning with prayer, at Carpenter's Hall, at
nine o'clock.

Wednesday, September 7, 1774, Agreeable to the resolve of yesterday, the meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Duche.

The Reverend Jacob Duché (1737–1798) was a Rector of Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the first chaplain to the Continental Congress.


Climate Forecast: Does anybody even care anymore?

Even while it exaggerates the amount of warming, the IPCC is becoming more cautious about its effects.

Governments make sure there are all kinds of incentives for scientists to “sound the alarm” on whatever the latest “big thing” is, be it global warming, global cooling, gun control, or whatever.  And, there always has been and always will be plenty of ideologues (Al Gore, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, etc.) who see opportunities for increased power, and plenty of suckers to rush in and support the cause.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What will The Supreme Court Decide?

The Supreme Court is not expected to rule until June in the case of Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby.   At stake is whether individuals lose their religious liberty simply because they start a business.  
The owners of the  Hobby Lobby chain have a deeply held religious belief that certain forms of contraception cause an abortion, something they, as Christians, vehemently oppose.  As such, they object to paying for health insurance that provides those forms of contraception on the grounds of their religious freedom.  You know, that “Congress shall make no law” part of the First Amendment. 
The Obama administration has a different idea on this.  They seem to believe the First Amendment reads, “Congress shall make no law…but a president with a pen and a phone  allows him to bypass Congress…”

The central question of the Hobby Lobby case is whether people lose their religious liberty once they open a business.  Hobby Lobby is a privately owned company, not a publicly traded one.  As such, it is an extension of its owners – not millions of stockholders with diverse views. It is owned by one family, and that family is unified in its beliefs.

Reading the Democrats side of this argument, one would thing Hobby Lobby was trying to forbid their employees from even using certain types of contraception.  Maybe Hobby Lobby should’ve just said, “If you like your contraception, you can keep your contraception.  Period.”

The fact is some religions oppose some or all forms of birth control, not because they hate women but because they believe that is what God commands.  That may not be what you believe.  It’s not what I believe.  But I do support other people’s right to their religious beliefs, and I would hope they would support mine.  

I believe everyone should be free to use whatever type of birth control they want, but they DO NOT have the right to force their employer to pay for it.   Democrats argue that contraception is a healthcare product.   Toothpaste is a healthcare product too, are they going to force companies to pay for their employees toothpaste?

If you can’t afford the nominal cost of contraception you probably should find a better use for your time than sex … like looking for a better paying job.

That’s my common sense opinion.  Now we will just have to hope the Supreme Court still has some common sense.

Here’s a Video of ObamaCare Supporters Explaining the Hobby Lobby Case:


Obama’s Choice for Surgeon General Has Some Questionable Credentials

Obama’s Anti-Gun Surgeon General Choice Has Some Questionable Credentials

Dr. Vivek Murthy, 36, was nominated by President Obama for the Surgeon General post last November, but Democrats are backing off from his nomination reportedly due to his well-documented anti-gun advocacy.  But his relative lack of medical experience might also come up in a confirmation hearing.

Qualifications don’t matter to Obama, as long as they agree with his political agenda.



The following photos are absolute proof they drained the dams on purpose, causing severe flooding and NEVER gave California growers a SINGLE DROP for the sole purpose of killing all the orange orchards, grape vineyards and almond groves.



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How Marines welcome a President

It would seem the U. S. Marines know something that many of the civilian population do not

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FINALLY, A little Common Sense.

Federal court says Want to vote? Prove your citizenship.

The issue has to do with the federal form for voter registration that only requires a registrant to attest that he is a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen and you want to vote, commit voter fraud which is a felony, attesting that you’re a citizen isn’t much of a leap.

The Arizona and Kansas state voter registration forms require proof of citizenship, a birth certificate, passport, etc. The Federal Election Assistance Commission refused to modify the federal forms and Judge Eric Melgrin held that the EAC must accede to states’ requests for people to provide proof of citizenship to vote.

This is a big win, not just for Arizona and Kansas, but for every other state waiting to pass legislation requiring proof of citizenship to register. It’s also a huge loss – another huge loss – for the Obama administration, and all other Democrats who depend on voter fraud to win elections.

Now we need a national voter ID law...

Father of Sandy Hook Student Gives “Rational & Emotional” Speech

Father of Sandy Hook Student Gives “Rational & Emotional” Speech at Public Hearing on Gun Violence Prevention

Ted Nugent gets it.   Piers Morgan does not

Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama is Most Expensive President in History

Obama is Most Well-Traveled, Most Expensive President in History

President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point in their presidencies, according to a forthcoming study from the National Taxpayer Union.


This administration uses the IRS, FBI and NSA as a political bludgeon to go after conservatives and anyone else they do not like.  Eric Holder is 100 % fine with that, and congress is at least 60% fine with that.
The only way we’re going to get ANYWHERE with this administration is for people to march on Washington and demand these criminals start respecting our laws, respecting our rights, and respecting our freedoms.

The Holder Department of Justice (DOJ) rejected a request from Texas Senator Ted Cruz to appoint a special prosecutor for the investigation into the IRS scandal in a letter released this week.  The DOJ argued that it saw no apparent conflict of interest with its current investigator Barbara Bosserman—who has contributed thousands of dollars to Obama and other Democrats according to recent Breitbart News reports.

Cruz responded to the rejection by citing the Nixon and Clinton administrations, which both appointed non-partisan investigators in relation to major scandals.  "Just as nobody would trust John Mitchell to investigate Richard Nixon, nobody should trust a partisan Obama donor to investigate the IRS's political targeting of President Obama's enemies," Cruz said.  "Sadly, 'in the discretion of the Attorney General,' Eric Holder has chosen to reject the bipartisan tradition of the Department of Justice of putting rule of law above political allegiance."

Holder will never appoint a serious non-partisan person to investigate this or the dozen other impeachable scandals being run out of the white house.   He knows if he appointed a real prosecutor real people would go to jail including Mr. Holder himself for obstruction of justice, lying under oath to congress, violating his oath of office, and ignoring the laws of this nation.

The only chance of survival left for this country is sweeping congressional change in the elections and we might need tea partiers and independents winning its clear the professional politician culture in Washington is so wholly and completely corrupt it its rancid core.

In 2012 most talented Republicans sat on the sidelines.  However, this time most of the big names this time are either throwing their hat into the ring, or flirting with the idea. From the libertarian Rand Paul, to the moderates Rob Portman and Chris Christie, and the dynastic Jeb Bush, Republican talent clearly sniffs an opportunity.

The contrast with the Democratic field is sharp.  Only Hillary Clinton is likely to run and her advisers are agonizing over how to distance themselves from Obama without risking his support.

As for Obama, the botched rollout of his healthcare law has done more to discredit the case for activist federal government than Republicans could hope to achieve.  For the time being, the hope and change wing of the Democratic Party is quiescent.  It will be hard for Mrs. Clinton to rekindle their enthusiasm. That gives Republicans their best chance since 2000 to regain the White House.

Veterans Administration Abandons Disabiled Vets

Veterans Administration Abandons Vets Suffering From Depleted Uranium Contamination
3/24/2014 _-  By Rachel Alexander
After young and healthy Marine Matt Parker fought for his country in the Middle East, he mysteriously came down with tumors. Now, he finds himself without adequate help from the country he fought for. I’ve known Matt since he was a small child; our families grew up together in church, and in high school I taught his sister violin lessons. Matt is a straight shooter; a bright, honest guy raised with solid values by outstanding Christian parents.

Matt enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1994 at age 19. He told KOMO News 4 in Seattle, “I wanted to be a part of the best fighting force in the world.” Desert Storm and the majority of the fighting in Iraq had ended by then, and so Matt went to the Middle East as part of Operation Southern Watch, which was more of a recovery and rebuilding mission. His unit was tasked in part with arming Cobra helicopters in Kuwait with special 20mm rounds tipped in depleted uranium. No one instructed the Marines to wear gloves or protective clothing. 

Upon finishing his service and returning to civilian life a few years later, he started having mood swings, joint pain, insomnia and severe headaches. Sinus infections led to a seizure in 2011, and after he was rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered a massive tumor in the front of his head. The doctors successfully removed the tumor, and asked him if he’d been exposed to radiation. 

Matt contacted Marines in his former unit to see if others had developed similar health issues, almost 15 years after their service together. One of them, Dan Paris, told Matt he’d also developed what appeared to be a tumor growing in his head, and had similar physical symptoms. 

Neither vet has a history of brain trauma in their families. Matt and Dan served together from late April 1994 until about September 1997. Together, they realized they had both come down with what has been labeled Gulf War Syndrome, a “chronic multi-symptom disorder affecting returning military veterans and civilian workers of the Gulf War.” One of its main causes is considered to be exposure to depleted uranium, which was used in 30mm and smaller caliber machine-gun bullets on a large scale for the first time during the Gulf War. Investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn discovered that “40 percent of the soldiers in one unit were found to have malignant cancerous growths when they returned from a tour of a year and a few months in Iraq.”

Matt’s family life started to fall apart as his health deteriorated. His marriage ended in divorce, and he lost his home to foreclosure. He developed a second tumor.

Dan’s tumor is practically inoperable. If removed, it will very likely affect regions of his brain associated with motor function, speech and higher learning. So far, he is delaying the inevitable; putting up with increasing levels of pain as the tumor continues to grow. Dan applied for disability, which was denied without even the courtesy of a notification. He has been granted 100 percent disability assistance for a shoulder injury, but has only been able to receive 40 percent disability assistance for his other ailments. 

Matt applied for disability with the Veterans Administration in 2012, citing the exposure to depleted uranium as the reason for his disability. The VA denied his request, claiming there was no connection between his tumor and the exposure. They also bizarrely claimed that Matt had never been stationed in the Ali Al Saleem area in Kuwait where the exposure to depleted uranium took place. This isn’t true, because he’d been in a bus accident in Kuwait, resulting in a hospital stay - as well as teasing from his unit. The VA inexplicably lost the paperwork documenting the hospital stay.

Matt got nowhere until he went to the media with his plight. Nevada congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., including both U.S. Senators, began looking into the situation. Veteran's Advocate and retired Army sergeant, Dan Swafford of Phoenix, Ariz., put together an 80-page rebuttal to the VA’s turndown, which he turned in to the VA in Reno, Nev., last September. 

Shockingly, when Sen. Harry Reid’s office requested an update recently from the VA on Matt’s case, the VA representative told them they had lost his 80-page appeal. Hopefully it was just incompetence, but the level the VA has gone to avoid recognizing the correlation between depleted uranium exposure and health problems is extremely troubling.

Many of the vets who have been exposed to depleted uranium have very little time left to live. Army veteran Dustin Brim is one of the casualties of depleted uranium. He worked on contaminated vehicles in Iraq in the early 2000s, without gloves or any protection. He died in 2004 at age 22 of lymphoma, with tumors in his body. Off the record, for fear of retaliation, nurses urged his mother to research the connection to depleted uranium. One nurse warned, "Dustin is not the first and he won't be the last."

Patti Redd, a civilian contractor who worked for a company that dumped contaminated military hardware in the Pacific Ocean, succumbed in 2012 from exposure to depleted uranium. She maintained a blog, Dying With Dignity, documenting her ongoing horror story, including before and after photos as the contamination destroyed her body. Unfortunately, there are more tragic stories like these. 

If there was any doubt that exposure to depleted uranium causes tumors, the strikingly similar cases of Matt and Dan, who served together under the exact same circumstances, should provide compelling evidence of that correlation.

Astonishingly, the U.S. Department of Defense claims that no human cancer of any type has occurred as a result of exposure to either natural or depleted uranium. Additionally, numerous studies have been done claiming that there is no correlation - but how many of those studies were funded by the government?

It is time for answers and for help for our valiant veterans. It is bewildering why the government claims there is no link between exposure to depleted uranium and severe health problems such as the development of tumors in young healthy people. It makes you wonder if there is some kind of cover up going on to protect certain powerful bureaucrats and crony politicians who should have known better. Matt, Dan and the other suffering veterans don’t deserve this mistreatment for serving their country.

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The Imperial Presidency

Recent Examples of the Executive Branch Refusing to Faithfully Execute the Law

My Favorite Car Dealership.

How a Subaru Dealer Responded To a Union Protest Will Probably Go Down in Advertising Hall of Fame

Marching as to War

Marching as to War
By Patrick J. Buchanan  - 
Friday - March 21, 2014

Sweeping through
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this week, Joe Biden reassured all three that the United States' commitment to Article Five of the NATO treaty remains "solemn" and "iron clad."

Article Five commits us to war if the territory of any of these tiny Baltic nations is violated by

From World War II to the end of the Cold War, all three were Soviet republics. All three were on the other side of the
Yalta line agreed to by FDR, and on the other side of the NATO red line, the Elbe River in Germany.

No president would have dreamed of waging war with
Russia over them. Now, under the new NATO, we must. Joe Biden was affirming war guarantees General Eisenhower would have regarded as insane.

Secretary of State John Kerry says that in the
Ukraine crisis, "All options are on the table." John McCain wants to begin moving Ukraine into NATO, guaranteeing that any Russian move on the Russified east of Ukraine would mean war with the United States.

Forty members of Congress have written Kerry urging that
Georgia, routed in a war it started with Russia over South Ossetia in 2008, be put on a path to membership in NATO.

Following Russia's annexation of Crimea, other voices are calling for expanding NATO to bring in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, and for moving U.S. troops and warplanes into Poland and the Baltic republics.

President Obama says, "All options are on the table" if
Iran does not give us solid assurances she is not building a bomb. Members of Congress support U.S. military action against Iran, if Tehran does not surrender even the "capability" to build a bomb.

End all enrichment of uranium, or
America attacks, they warn.

In the
Far East we are committed to defend Japan if China seizes the Senkakus that Beijing claims as Chinese territory, a collection of rocks in the East China Sea. If Kim Jong-Un starts a war with South Korea, we are committed by treaty to fight a second Korean War.

We are committed by treaty to defend the
Philippines. And if China acts on its claim to the southern islands of the South China Sea, and starts a shooting war with Manila's navy, we are likely in it.

Is this not an awful lot on Uncle Sam's plate?

America really prepared to fight all of these wars that we are obligated by treaty to fight?

The national recoil at attacking Syria, for crossing Obama's "red line" last summer and using poison gas, suggests that there is a vast gulf between what America is obligated by treaty to do, and what the American people are willing to do in sending their soldier sons into a new war.

Indeed, the latest mantra of the war hawks, "no boots on the ground," is meant to reassure the nation that in our next war, unlike
Afghanistan and Iraq, there will be no more planeloads of dead coming into Dover, no new generation of Wounded Warriors arriving at Walter Reed.

Soon, the
United States is going to have to come to terms with this reality -- the unwillingness of the American people to fight the wars they are committed to fight by the American government.

Yet, the immediate problem is how to avoid a military confrontation or clash with Vladimir Putin's
Russia over Crimea, which almost no American wants.

Apparently, the West has decided to start down the sanctions road.

But where does that road lead?

While sanctions may cripple the Russian economy, will they break Putin? Did they break Castro? Did they break Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il? Did they break the Ayatollah? Does Putin look like someone who will respond to an economic squeeze by crying uncle?

Moreover, in this age of interdependence that
America did so much to launch, sanctions are a two-edged sword.

Ukraine cuts off oil, gas, water and electricity into a seceded Crimea, whose tourist trade is drying up, this could provoke Putin into invading Eastern Ukraine and seizing the lone land bridge onto the peninsula.

It could provoke
Russia into cutting off imports from Ukraine, turning off the oil and gas, and calling in Ukraine's debts. This would precipitate a default by Ukraine, without more Western aid than the $35 billion it is now estimated Kiev will need by 2016.

Are House Republicans willing to vote
America's share of that vast sum and make Ukraine a recipient of U.S. foreign aid roughly equal to what we provide annually to Israel and Egypt?

And if we severely sanction
Russia, she could cut off oil and gas to Europe, cause a recession in the eurozone, and move closer to China.

Nixon's great achievement was to split
China off from Moscow. President Reagan's great achievement was to preside over the conversion of the "evil empire" into a country where he was cheered in Red Square.

What our Greatest Generation presidents accomplished, our Baby Boomer presidents appear to have booted away.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

If you liked the Cuban missile crisis, you'll LOVE this

Putin to put Russian bases in Latin America

Western Hemisphere left wide open by Obama's weakening policies

Americans who've lost interest in what the Russians are doing in Crimea and Ukraine have just been given a HUGE reason to pay attention again.


Does the Obamacare Deadline Apply to Me?

Consumer Reports: “Stay Away From”

Nation’s top cancer hospitals not covered under Obamacare

ObamaCare shock: get ready for your premiums to double or even triple

Every time the government grows, some new population of Americans is implicitly reduced to the status of suspected criminal.  An article by Josh Archambault at Forbes provides a timely reminder of exactly how the growth of government makes criminals of us all.  Archambault suspects, probably correctly, that few Americans understand just how many complications and obligations their shiny new ObamaCare subsidies will place upon them. 

We’re pretty much all on welfare now, but the new middle-class welfare program has a lot of strings attached.  Tax subsidies are paid to people making as much as 400 percent of the federal poverty level, which is ludicrous on its face; government subsidies for people who make four times the poverty level are the sure sign of a dying civilization.

As Archambault explains, there are some serious perils associated with collecting these subsidies, and they’ve only increased as President Obama has illegally rewritten portions of the Affordable Care Act to keep public outrage under control.  The formula for determining tax credit eligibility is incredibly complicated – that’s one of the reasons the ObamaCare websites crashed so frequently in the early days, as they tried to plug into numerous other government databases and hide the true cost of ObamaCare policies behind subsidy calculations.  The tax credits are only available to those who purchase insurance on the exchanges, which comes as a bit of a shock to those who try shopping outside of them.

People who do buy from the exchanges and accept the subsidies have quite a few pitfalls to beware.  Low-income people who don’t file a tax return will lose their credits for good.  Your estimate of the credits you are entitled to is based upon either last year’s taxes, or next year’s estimated taxes; if your calculation proves incorrect, the IRS will be coming after you to collect credits you claimed improperly.  The only way to eliminate that risk is to claim your credits at the end of the year… which would make you responsible for paying the full freight of those incredibly expensive ObamaCare policies for a whole year.

And since King Barack has rewritten the law a few times, many people will be looking at “surprise bills from the IRS in the mail come tax time 2015, in the order of a couple hundred dollars all the way up to the full value of any subsidy received, if a family crosses the 400% threshold,” writes Archambault.  ”Just a few dollars of extra income could result in thousands of back taxes to be paid.”

Won’t that be fun?  And don’t forget to fill out a new tidal wave of paperwork if you experience any major “life events,” such as having a baby or relocating.  In the new transformed America, people will be nervous about moving.  But even if you don’t do something that triggers a new subsidy eligibility determination, you need to worry about doing anything that would substantially change your income, or your health insurance status.  Archambault cites a study that suggests up to 40 percent of the population in California might end up with surprise tax bills due to improperly calculated ObamaCare subsidies next year, a figure that might reasonably be extracted to the rest of the country, give or take a few hundred thousand ruined lives.  Get used to feeling more apprehension than joy when you learn you’re getting a raise.

Archambault concludes with the suspicion that the incredibly complex nature of the ObamaCare subsidies was deliberately hidden from the American people, to keep the already low levels of ObamaCare enrollment from dwindling away to nothing.  Considering polls that show half the country still doesn’t understand how the individual mandate works, it’s a safe bet that most of them have no idea just how extensively their lives have been criminalized by ObamaCare.

You really shouldn’t be surprised, folks.  This is an inevitable consequence of expanding our inescapable central government.  Every time you vote for a leftist, you’re voting for more rules, which you will pay higher consequences for violating, either deliberately or inadvertently.  Remember, ignorance of systems that no one comprehends in full is no defense!  The great ObamaCare transformation of America has brought us close to the long-awaited day when everyone is either a prosecutor, or a perpetrator.


LBJ: I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.
On March 20, 1854 the Republican Party was established in Ripon, Wisconsin.  Referred to as the GOP or Grand Old Party, it established for one reason: to break the chains of slavery and ensure the unalienable rights endowed by the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be for all Americans.

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."   John 8:32

We need to bring out all the facts about the depression of the black community by the democrat party throughout history.    They seem to forget the fact that their hero (MLK) was a republican.   They won’t read this, and even if they did, remember Mark Twain’s words;”It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

Friday, March 21, 2014


EPA Bureaucrats Use Federal Charge Cards for Gym Memberships and Gift Cards

A report released by the Environmental Protection Agency's Inspector General has found that EPA employees have improperly used federal charge cards to purchase everything from gym memberships to gift cards.  The report indicated that over 90 percent of the sampled transactions were for prohibited, improper, or erroneous purchases, all paid for by American taxpayers.  Ironically, Senate Democrats Monday night carried on an all-night filibuster in the hopes of generating even more power and funding for the EPA.
Because you just can't fight global warming without a (taxpayer-funded) gym membership.

Read more:

Obama is Setting a Very Dangerous Precedent.

Obama's scary assault on our Constitution

Future presidents will be tempted to rely on Obama administration precedents to expand even further federal power in general and executive power in particular, to enact their policy agenda regardless of constitutional constraints, to enforce law selectively and unilaterally change the law when it suits their interests, to use military force without Congress's approval, to ram through presidential appointments without confirmation votes.  That is why it is so very important that he be stopped.


Supreme Court Shakeup may be coming.

Liberals want to get Ginsberg and Breyer both off the Supreme Court.
Why in the world would Liberals want to get rid of the two judges that are further to the left than any of the other judges?  Because, they want to replace them while they still have a Democrat President and a Democrat controlled Senate.