Sunday, April 22, 2018


The FBI is supposed to be completely non-partisan.  I don’t know exactly when it first became political, but it was long before President Trump was elected. 
It was really apparent to me during most of Obama’s second term, but became far worse during the campaign.  What is occurring today is nothing less than the crumbling of the foundations of an agency that for many years personified the finest in government service and law enforcement. There can be no strong foundation at the FBI when the pillars of leadership are corrupt. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, which later became special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, possible collusion by Trump campaign associations and now much more.  

Sessions’ deputy, Rod J. Rosenstein, a career prosecutor, has no job security either. It was he, after Sessions’ recusal, who recommended that Trump fire Comey.  When Trump took his advice and fired Comey, he then appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump for firing Comey as part of the Russian collusion investigation.
Rosenstein retains his job, despite constant talk that he could be fired, but he must walk into the building each day and wonder if it will be his last on the job.  Sessions has warned that he might leave his post if Rosenstein is fired.

Comey’s book tour is, as expected, a flop.  He has enemies on both sides of the aisle.  Democrats who believe he cost Hillary Clinton the presidency by reopening the investigation into her use of a private email server just before the election.  Republicans dislike him because of his obvious roll in the plot to take down the president. 

Comey’s book was an opportunity to make the case for his actions and past decisions, to sanitize his reputation much as possible.  If that was his intent, he blew it.  The things he says about his interactions with the president is just as damning to himself, as his prior testimony before Congress was. Those accounts are backed up by contemporaneous memos he made which have been shared with Congress and have now become public. 

Any hope Comey might have had of being seen as objective in telling the story of the president’s response to the Russia probe and their interactions was undercut by some of his petty personal remarks in the book and by his using his book tour to attempt to destroy the President.  Case in point is when he declared that he believes Trump is “morally unfit.”  Comey is entitled to his opinions about the president, but by expressing them so soon, he has established that he was NOT a bi-partisan law enforcement official.

Comey’s loose lips is not by any means the FBI’s only problem.  The agency is also in the middle of a damaging controversy involving Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director who was fired by Sessions a day before his scheduled retirement. He now faces the possibility of criminal charges for authorizing the sharing of information with the Wall Street Journal about investigations involving Clinton and, according to the department’s inspector general, later misleading investigators. Like Comey, McCabe also was helping to rig the election for Hillary, and when that failed, both were involved in the scheme to take down the president. 

Restoring the FBI to its former status will not be easy, and it will take time, possible years.   The degree that public confidence has been eroded by these events, and the fact that there are conflicting interpretations of what the problem is. It may be MANY years.   Like so much else these days, the FBI is in danger of becoming one more partisan battlefield in an endless and consequential war.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

NEVER in my lifetime has Politics been so complicated.

During the primaries before the Presidential election, so many things began happening it became difficult to keep up.  Here is a brief summery based on what we now know.  
-The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election against Bernie Sanders so Hillary can win the nomination.
- Obama's administration starts to request surveillance on Trump, his family, his transition team, and anyone associated with him.
- Donna Brazil gives Hillary the questions to a debate.
- The DNC pays Christopher Steele to come up with a smear dossier about Trump.
- The FBI and the Obama’s Attorney General conspire together to insure that Hillary wins the election, and Hillary writes her acceptance speech.
- The mainstream media releases a taped conversation about Trump talking about grabbing women parts. After all this Trump still wins the General Election.
- Obama orders an investigation into Russia meddling in our elections.
- Obama changes Executive Order 12333 to allow more agencies to have access to surveillance data.
- The Democratic Party comes up with a scandal that Trump Colluded with Russia to win the election with no evidence or proof.
- This wild claim is backed up by the mainstream media. Obama holdovers start unmasking Trump's transition team and staff members then release the classified information to the mainstream media.
- Why? Because the DNC and the Obama administration colluded with the intelligence community to thwart Trump's campaign efforts to get him elected president.
- All this Russia collusion is an attempt to cover up the fact that the Obama administration, the intelligence community, the DNC, along with the mainstream media used our nation's surveillance as a political tool to try to get Hillary elected President.

- This makes Watergate look like a kindergarten play. Let that sink in..

Saturday, April 14, 2018



I wish Hillary would just shut the hell up about losing the election.   She knew it was a done deal, and there was no way she could lose.  She barely broke a sweat campaigning, because she knew it was rigged.  She knew the FBI AND the Justice department was both working with the DNC to guarantee her victory.

She was such a flawed candidate, that had the election not been rigged, it would have been the biggest Republican landslide in history.  Fortunately for America, the right candidate (Donald Trump) came along at just the right time. Not that anyone knows all the positive things he has accomplished due to a media that is one sided and deceptive. 

Now, about the midterm election; this could very be the second most election in your lifetime.  We Republicans have a lot of seats up for grabs.  I urge all people who love this country and want to preserve freedom, regardless of your political affiliation, to PLEASE vote a straight Republican ticket this November. 

America NEEDS your vote more than ever because we all know the Democrats are going to be cheating on most if not all of the mid-terms. Let’s all help President Trump make American great again.  We won one election which was rigged against us; if we stick together, we can win these as well…