Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fortune Magazine's list of the world’s fifty greatest leaders.

Fortune Magazine issued their list of the world’s fifty greatest leaders and our President is not listed by his popular alias of Barack Obama.
He is also not listed by his REAL name of Barry Soetoro.   Perhaps he has other aliases of which I am unaware.

Some might think that to be a bit strange considering that the President on the United States is often referred as the “leader of the ‘free’ world”.  Personally, I would have been surprised if his name was on the list.  Much more is known about him now than when he won the Nobel Piece Prize.

I was quite surprised however by some of the names on the list.  Some of them I have never heard of, including many that I don’t even know how to  pronounce, such as #2, Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank and the #3 selection, Xi Jinping, the Chinese Leader. Fifth choice, India’s president Norenda Modi.

Here’s the list:

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