Friday, June 9, 2017


Democrats are heartbroken because their false charges of President Trump’s collusion with Russia have been proven to be all a bunch of LIES.
Former F.B.I. Director James Comey testified for three hours before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday.  Democrats had hopes that Comey would blow the lid off the Russian-Trump collusion investigation and charge President Trump with obstructing justice to boot.

Instead Comey’s testimony proved that all the charges Democrats have been making against the President are nothing but a big nothing burger as MOST (not all) Republicans have been saying all along. 

When being questioned by Committee Chairmen Richard Burr whether the Obama administration’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting (even the Secret Service agents assigned to each were told to leave) with Bill Clinton had any affect on his handling of Hillary’s email probe he answered that it forced him to act in a manner necessary to protect the credibility of the investigation, the Department of Justice, and the F.B.I.   He also said that Lynch with ordering him to call the email investigation an “email matter” instead so as to provide Clinton with some wiggle room on the campaign trail.

Comey was concerned because he became convinced that it was tainting the public’s perception of the independence of the investigation and, with it, the Justice Department.  He decided to make the bureau’s findings about Clinton public. 

Comey also admitted to leaking the content of a memo, through an intermediary, to the New York Times.  Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the DOJ's Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee about the leak.

Comey told the Senate "I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked a friend to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel."
James Comey - began his statement by attacking the President on the reasons he was fired as the Director of the FBI. Comey also said, President Trump did not ask him to stop the Russian investigation. Comey said, "I could be wrong" at least six times while under oath. 

Comey said, "Trump "pressured" him to lift the cloud that was hanging over his Administration, as the result of the collusion investigation.  A cloud formed by the mainstream media that relentlessly - day after day for the past eleven months - led their television news shows insinuating our President was "the subject" of this Russian collusion investigation. 

The Democrats and mainstream news media have purposely, turned this investigation into a never-ending albatross around the neck of the Trump Administration even though President Trump was not the subject of the Russian collusion investigation. All Trump was asking for him to do was clarify the truth. The truth was all that was needed to “lift the cloud”. 

The American public was being bombarded daily under the impression that the investigation was centered on Trump.   Clearly, Comey should have come forward and clarified the false rumors and innuendo. 

By not clarifying the truth - Comey contributed to the continuing lies and innuendo. Our President deserves not to be unjustly persecuted. He deserved to have someone come forward to clarify the truth. 

I just hope the same amount of thoroughness, intensity, and force will be used to investigate the spying, surveillance, and unmasking of American citizens.

Here is a short video where Senator Rubio DEMOLISHES James Comey's Testimony... Russia Narrative Wrecked!

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