Thursday, July 20, 2017

Peaceful, Harmless Muslim Immigrants.

Australia’s 60 minutes TV show, decided to go to Sweden to show how Muslims were “harmless” and get the opinion of the population there.

In this video you can see the refugees trying to run the news crew over, punching and attacking the camera man, throwing objects.  Demonstrating just how peaceful and harmless they are.

This is what happens when you allow refugees from Muslim nations inside your country.   They have NO desire to assimilate.  They do not want to accept our culture.  They want nothing but to overpower and conquer.  Converting every country they invade into an Islamic state is their true goal.

They only respect Sharia Law, which tells them that they are superior to anyone that is non-Muslim.   They believe it’s OK for them to kidnap and kill someone as long as that person is not a Muslim.


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