Friday, June 3, 2016



If you want to know why so many American Citizens, including Hispanic Citizens, want a wall between The United States and Mexico, click on and read the following links.  We don’t want people here unless they love THIS country, and respect OUR flag.  People who disrespect OUR flag and honor a flag from a foreign country are our enemy.  If you love Mexico so much, and you must in you wave the flag, then why are you here?  Why don’t you go back to the country you obviously prefer?

If you wish to protest, it should be a peaceful protest.  What you are doing is NOT a protest; it is a riot by a bunch of American hating foreigners, many of whom are in this country illegally.  You leave us no choice except build a wall.   The more you riot and disrespect our flag, the more people decide to vote for Trump.  That’s right; you are actually helping Trump’s campaign.

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