Saturday, June 25, 2016


We really do have a serious gun problem in America, and I think everyone agrees on that.  What they disagree on is how to solve the problem.  
Like most problems, there is a solution, and we should start immediately by making it much easier for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  That’s right.  The solution to the gun problem is many more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens who know how to use them.  A law abiding citizen, by definition, obeys the law, and a criminal, by definition of criminality, will NOT obey the laws.

Democrats, at least the one furthers to the left strongly disagree, but that is the only solution.  President Obama and his wannabe replacement Hillary both like to talk about Australia.  That nation rounded up the guns of its citizens years ago, having passed a law rejecting private ownership of handguns.  But Australia, unlike the United States, did not have a second amendment to its constitution.  We can thank our founding fathers for having more foresight.

Whether the leftist like it or not, citizens of the United States have a constitutional right to gun ownership, and it would require a Constitutional amendment to change that.  Or, and this is the thing we need to be concerned about.  It would require that the Supreme Court change their mind about how they interpret the second amendment.

Not a single one of the proposals before the congress would do anything about the hundreds of thousands of young black men who die from handgun violence.  The Democrats’ proposals would only stop long barrel rifles, the guns least likely to be used in instances of gun violence. In fact, the tragedy at Columbine during the Clinton presidency happened after passage of the assault weapons ban.  Guns of all types, even the ones that are already illegal are readily available to criminals, especially south of our border thanks to our own government that allowed them to get there.

Laws will not stop evil men, but guns will.  It is no coincidence that the states with the most restrictive gun laws have the worse gun crimes.  And, it is no coincidence that most mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.  Law-abiding citizens have difficulty obtaining guns while criminals just steal them. Governments that disarm law-abiding citizens just make them easier to victimize.

What seems to be completely overlooked is the fact that if a person is intent on killing another person, lack of a gun will not stop them. That is what qualifies them for the label of criminal. The law enforcement response to a call needing immediate action generally takes at least 5 minutes and often much longer.  A criminal intent on killing a person only needs a few seconds. Obviously, the only thing that will prevent that criminal from carrying out his act is an armed ‘victim’ ready and willing to protect themselves and their family and friends. Law enforcement recorded statistics have proven that fact, over and over, even though the media fails to mention it!

Democrats want to deny Americans the right to buy guns if they are on the no-fly list.  Both the liberal ACLU and the conservative NRA  agree that using the no-fly list to block gun ownership is a terrible idea.   It sounds like a wonderful idea, but the truth is, the no-fly list is, a very flawed instrument with numerous well-documented examples of Americans being placed on the list who should not be there.  A very good example is the fact that one of the chief champions for doing this, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, was improperly placed on the no-fly list. 

The only way for Americans to keep themselves safe is to realize the Police cannot be anywhere and everywhere immediately.  We must rely on ourselves to defend our families and property.  To do that requires more guns, not fewer guns.

Our gun rights, all of them, even the right to just own a gun exist only because of the way the Supreme Court chooses to interrupt the second amendment.  I posted this on my blog recently.

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