Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Isaiah Crowell of the Cleveland Browns is a Racist and Wannabe Cop Killer

It may have taken years and a lot of hard work for 23-year-old Isaiah Crowell of the Cleveland Browns to make it to the NFL, but only took seconds to dismantle his reputation.  It seems that the arrogant athlete believes he can say whatever he wants and shouldn’t be accountable for it.

 He believes that because he’s black, he’s in the right to feel the way he does about cops.  With an army of Black Lives Matter protesters behind him, filling the streets and not the football stands, he joined their team last week with what he posted.

Of all the hatred toward the police, Crowell managed to combine two evils into one with a depraved drawing of a white cop being beheaded by a man dressed in black, reminiscent of the Islamic State and their methods. With blood gushing from the officer’s neck, Crowell made it personal, writing with the picture.

I don’t know if the NFL fines players for this kind of despicable racist activity or not, but they certainly should.

UPDATE:   Police Threaten to Pull Protection Over Player's Dead Cop Post


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