Thursday, December 29, 2016

George Soros is an Enemy to Humanity

George Soros is an American enemy of the highest order.
He is a scumbag who is trying to force the new world order on people.  

Talk about election interference, he has willfully helped outside parties bend and break the laws of the US.   He has been banned from the UK, and the Russians have a warrant out for him.  He should be turned over to them, and let them deal with him.   Everybody’s problem solved.

I believe that electing Trump will prove to be a HUGE benefit to all of the free world, and most people will never even realize how.   "The New World Order" a group of leftists that want to control what people do, how they spend, how they live, plan, how much money they are allowed to keep, with special emphasis on controlling the USA....  While the leftists live high on the hog on the people’s money

Mr. Soros apparently has no true belief in his adopted country and its checks and balances.  He seems to demonstrate everything his diatribe forewarns- a sense of dictatorship dominated by his wealth, opinion and personal sense of what he thinks the world should be.  What a pathetic state he must be in - not getting his way and losing what little influence he might have left.  It that sense, democracy works.

George Soros is a front man for the currency cartel bank bosses in Europe who made him.  He helps with a great deal of their dirty work like toppling legitimate governments, disrupting and rigging elections, engineering nation deconstruction and mass migrations, eradicating borders, suppressing constitutional rights, buying military brass, agency bosses, and politicians.

It is exceedingly the right decision for Trump to stop the influx of Muslims that Obama began, ......... all under the created destructive RUSE of "refugees" - which REALLY is simply spreading Islam and violence for Caliphate - into every developed country stupid enough to take them in.

There is no blood on Trump's hands, but if you are familiar with Soros’s past, you know he has plenty of innocent blood on his hands.  Say what you will about Trump, but at least he is anti-New World Order.   Yes, he's a bit outspoken and will make us mad from time to time, but does NOT want you in shackles and chains like Hillary did/does.

Here is a Video for your viewing pleasure:

George Soros is an Enemy to Humanity

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