Monday, December 12, 2016

Open Letter to President Elect Trump

Dear Mr. President Elect;

We the people have spoken.   We the silent majority are no longer silent.   We broke our silence on Election Day because we want our country back.  We voted for you, Mr. Trump, because we're tired of the broken promises by professional career politicians of both parties.

We want to untie the hands of American business and industry by eliminating all the ridicules and useless restrictions and reduce the number of redundant bureaucracies that administer them.

We want to banish the drug lords and vicious gangs and administer the law equally regardless of color, fiscal or social standing.

We want to make affordable, comprehensive health care a reality instead of the unworkable socialist lie Obamacare has become.

We want to destroy ISIS. Period… No worthless treaties signed, no cease fires just turn it over to our capable military and keep the politics and world opinion out of the equation and get the job done.

We want to root out and destroy radical Islamic terror cells in this country, by whatever means is necessary, any Muslim who is really an American should have absolutely no objections.  If fact any Muslim who wants to be an American should be willing to assist in the effort.

We want to create jobs, real jobs…   Not just the part-time or minimum wage entry level jobs, but good paying jobs in sustainable industries.

We want to stop borrowing and immediately begin to pay off the national debt.

We want to cut federal funds to sanctuary cities that harbor not only the innocent, as they would have you to believe, but the worst of the worst.

We want to finally do something about immigration instead of merely talking about it.  First of all round up and jail or deport the gangs, drug dealers, criminals, and then begin to deal with immigration on a case by case method as America has always suppose to have been doing.  No more blanket amnesties.

In my opinion, America's days are numbered if we do not make immediate and decisive action to fix the nations problems, and problems such as the Veterans Administration should be given top priority. 
There is a deep and profound division in the nation.  It is probably worse than it’s been since the civil war, and positive action will go a long way toward healing and uniting.
Show us something, Mr. Trump, stay the course you set, don't back down, don't compromise, just move forward and truly “make America great again.”

God bless you Mr. President and God Bless America.

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