Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It is not a ban and it is not racial profiling.

The Trump administration has faced an faced an uphill battle from the get-go on the extreme vetting executive order, beginning in Judge James Robert’s court.
More than a dozen lawsuits and counting have been filed against President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily blocks visas from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.  It has become pretty obvious who is behind all the obstruction by the Left.   The lawsuits largely stem from organizations bankrolled by billionaire leftist George Soros and Democratic state attorneys general.

The claim of the lawsuits is that the Executive order is unconstitutional, which is of course ridiculous.  It clearly states in U.S. Code 1182, which concerns inadmissible aliens under subtitle (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President.
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.
That in itself justifies the Presidents actions, but it that isn’t enough, consider all the previous Presidents who have taken similar actions.

Democrats are even raising money off the lawsuits. In a Facebook post, the Democratic Attorneys General Association said, "Stand with Attorney General Bob Ferguson and all Democratic State Attorneys General fighting for what's right!" It added, "Chip in to support Democratic AGs fighting for progressive rights and freedoms."

Outside of the politicians, Soros' Open Society Foundations, which advocates for open borders, is financing several advocacy groups that initiated litigation against the order.
Leading the way in these lawsuits in several states is the ACLU, which has gotten at least $35.5 million from the Open Society Foundations, according to the Capital Research Center, a Washington think tank that investigates nonprofits.

Soros also gave $4.6 million to the National Immigration Law Center, which has been involved in litigation, according to the CRC; and $621,000 to the Urban Justice Center, which has an appendage known as the International Refugee Assistance Project that has jumped into the lawsuits, according to the CRC.

Groups funded by George Soros are litigating to keep U.S. ports-of-entry wide open to terrorists and other people who hate America," Matthew Vadum, senior vice president of the CRC, told LifeZette. "Soros has said he wants to bring America down. Flooding the country with Muslim aliens who won't assimilate is one way to do that."

The Trump administration appealed the decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (Sometimes referred to as the 9th Circus Court)  The appeals court denied the Justice Department's request for an immediate reinstatement of the executive order. It asked challengers of the ban to respond to the appeal, and for the Justice Department to file a counter-response by Monday afternoon.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in
San Francisco, is the nations most liberal, with 18 judges named by Democratic presidents and only seven by Republicans.
And if the issue eventually gets to the Supreme Court, five of the eight justices would need to agree to block Robert’s order. The court is now divided 4-4 between liberal and conservative justices while it awaits confirmation hearings on federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee to succeed the late Antonin Scalia.

Republicans had better hurry and get Judge Gorsuch confirmed because with a 4-4 tie, the 9th Circus Court decision remains the law of the land…

I hope and pray that we do not have another terrorist attacked here in the United States.  But God forbid, if we do, all of these Left wing protesters and the Liberal judges that are preventing us from doing proper vetting will be responsible.

The flood gates are open my friends, and the liberal judges have tied our hands.  This matter may go to the Supreme Court, and it is crucial that they overturn the lower courts rulings, unfortunately, it may be too late.

President Trump is going to leave his mark on the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to Justice Scalia's replacement, it is likely that another seat will be vacated during his term.  If he is re-elected for a second term, he could very well appoint one or two more.

Donald Trump's nominees could the court back toward limited constitutional government for an entire generation. An opportunity exists to undo the Progressive judicial activism that has undermined our Constitution the past century. This court's docket will certainly include controversial issues--such as Obamacare and immigration--and Donald Trump's nominees will play an important role in the direction of our country.

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