Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whatever Happened to the Loyal Opposition Party.

For many years we had the governing party, and the loyal opposition party. 
The purpose of the loyal opposition party is supposed to be, by the use of checks and balances, restrain the president and the excess of one-party rule.  It has become quite obvious there is absolutely nothing loyal about the current opposition party.

We now have to contend with a third party, a party which you couldn’t vote for even if you wanted to because they do not hold elections.  The party to which I am referring is the main stream ultra liberal news media.  They, at least during this current administration, are the “Enemy Party”.

You think that is an exaggeration?   Look at how they use words like “Muslim ban” to describe an executive order that is no such thing.  Look fat how they praise the anti-Trump protesters, and Republican critics.

Look at the Twitter feeds of editors and reporters from those papers and the major networks. You’ll see their embrace of everything anti-Trump, further evidence they are part of a movement to obstruct the president, not cover him.  That report of the Bust of Martin Luther Jr. being removed from the oval office was a classic example.

Look at their rediscovered love for Republican Sen. John McCain, a man whom they ignored during Obama’s eight year.   McCain is again the newsworthy maverick because he is bucking the Republicans.

Look at how they refer to Neil Gorsuch as the nominee for the “Stolen Seat” on the Supreme Court rather than the nominee for the vacant seat.

Look at this excerpt from the New York Times.

President Trump had a great opportunity to repair some of that damage by nominating a moderate candidate for the vacancy, which was created when Justice Antonin Scalia died last February. Instead, he chose Neil Gorsuch, a very conservative judge from the federal Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit whose jurisprudence and writing style are often compared to those of Justice Scalia.

WELL DUH; he is replacing Scalia, not Gingsburg.  Even if he did nominate someone a bit less conservative, the leftist news media would still be upset. 

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