Thursday, June 25, 2015

You Have Changed My Country Enough Already.

Over the years, millions of illegal aliens have flooded into our country in hope of a better life. You really can’t blame them, but that does not excuse the fact that they broke the law by entering our country illegally.
Yet, so many of them do their best to turn America into their home country that they fled from.
As more illegals flood into our country, they are changing our culture and our freedoms. We’ve seen instances where American students have been disciplined for wearing or displaying the American flag here in America because it offended Hispanic students, some of which were illegals. A school in California displayed the Mexican flag above the American flag on a Mexican holiday, which is a clear violation of Section 7 (c) of the US Flag Code as passed by Congress in 1942, yet liberal judges have ruled it okay. In some US schools, classes are only taught in Spanish with no effort made to teach English to the illegal Hispanic students.
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