Monday, April 18, 2016


Colorado Lawmakers Who Voted to Scrap Election Are Ted Cruz Delegates

In May of 2015, four Colorado Senate Republicans killed an initiative “to create a presidential primary in 2016,” reported the Denver Post. “Under the bill, Colorado would have held a presidential primary in March that ran parallel with the state’s complicated caucus system… when it came before the Senate Appropriations Committee, four Republicans voted to kill the bill with three Democrats supporting it.”
The four Republicans who voted against the initiative were Sen. Kevin Grantham, Sen. Kent Lambert, Sen. Laura Woods, and Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg.
On Cruz’s campaign website, Sens. Woods, Grantham, and Lambert are all listed as Cruz supporters and as declared members of Cruz’s “Colorado Leadership team.”


Cruz claims he's won 'landslides over and over' beating Trump in five consecutive states – even though only one of them held an election

  • Texas senator won handily in Wisconsin on April 5 but his more recent 'voterless' victories have drawn scorn from Donald Trump supporters
  • Cruz has added to his convention delegate count by appealing to party activists convening in states with no primary elections
  • He said on 'Good Morning America' that 'we have won five [states] in a row, and Donald's upset so he's throwing a fit' 
  • Trump says Cruz 'has to get his delegates from the Republican bosses' and frames those wins as sneaky and meaningless
  • Cruz insists he is winning 'grassroots' victories and claims: 'This is how elections are won in America

Cruz Staged ‘Attack’ In Georgia To Steal Delegates…’Not Grassroots Activism’

The Donald Trump campaign is accusing the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) campaign of staging a coordinated “attack” in Georgia that led to pro-Trump delegate candidates being challenged and deposed in every corner of the state, which Trump had won resoundingly in the primary.



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