Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This Evil Thing Called White Privilege

All white people throughout the West, no matter how poor and underprivileged they may have been growing up, or still are for that matter, are judged to be guilty from birth of this immoral white privilege.  Even though they played no part whatsoever in colonialism, and many cases neither did any of their ancestors, they’re accused of unfairly benefiting from it.
Those who have appointed themselves as judge and jury have the ridiculous notion that the fathers fall on the children and for these unforgivable transgressions, the peoples of the West must pay.   Failing to do so is a sign of white privilege.  And no amount of reparations and or repentance, no matter how great, will ever be enough, because it’s payback time for whitey and there will never be an end to the paying.

Handicapped by their natural feelings of empathy and pity, millions of white people have pleaded guilty as charged and remorsefully accept the punishment.  Mired in blissful ignorance, they’ve been brainwashed to believe the white race – and in particular, white males – have been oppressing and persecuting people throughout history and continue to do so.  They actually believe the only reason Western civilization became more advanced and wealthier than other civilizations is because of the exploitation of non-white races and women.

I wrote in a recent blog post that Slavery did not originate in the South, if fact, it did not originate anywhere in America.

Slavery had been going on for thousands of years before it reached America.   If there had been no slaves to buy, there would not have been any slaves in the South.

So why condemn white Americans, why not condemn the Islamic flag more so than the Confederate Flag since it is more related to the source of supply of slaves.  Where there is no supply there is NO demand. 

While Muslim propagandists have exploited the legacy of slavery in the United States to win black converts, slavery in the Muslim world began long before the United States and ended a century later.

President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. By contrast, Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962. That same year Yemen abolished slavery and the United Arab Emirates abolished slavery a year later.

Saudi Arabia’s ruling family did not embark on this course out of the goodness of their hearts, but under pressure from President Kennedy, at a time when the House of Saud did not yet have the United States economy and its foreign policy in a headlock. The abolition of slavery was a compromise. Kennedy had wanted representative government and civil rights. He had to settle for a belated emancipation.

Even though slavery has been officially abolished; unofficially it lingers on. There is still a silent unofficial slave trade that is carried on and leading Saudi clerics have insisted that slavery is a part of Islam. Saudis living abroad are often discovered to have domestic workers who live like slaves leading to criminal cases.

The situation is worst in North Africa where Arab colonization largely displaced and suppressed the indigenous peoples, like the Nubians in Egypt. Ethnically cleansed to make way for the Lake Nasser project, Egyptian Nubians have, like so many other North African indigenous peoples, been reduced to a persecuted minority within their own land.

I cannot understand why so many Black Americans are becoming Muslims.   If they truly believe they are due reparations, they should demand them from Muslims, not white Americans.  One would think that black Americans would be the most anti-Muslim people on the planet, considering that it was Muslims who were responsible for the slavery of their ancestors.
Even if they were told the truth, they will refuse to believe that it was BLACK people who captured other black people and transported them to America and sold them into slavery.  They also refuse to believe that the first slave owner in America was a black man.

Much attention and condemnation has been directed towards the tragedy of the African slave trade, which took place between the 16 th and the 19 th centuries. However, another equally despicable trade in humans was taking place around the same time in the Mediterranean.  It is estimated that up to 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by the so-called Barbary corsairs, and their lives were just as pitiful as their African counterparts. They have come to be known as the white slaves of Barbary

Slavery is one of the oldest trades known to man. We can first find records of the slave trade dating back to The Code of Hammurabi in Babylon in the 18th century BCE

People from virtually every major culture, civilization, and religious background have made slaves of their own and enslaved other peoples. However, comparatively little attention has been given to the prolific slave trade that was carried out by pirates, or corsairs, along the Barbary coast (as it was called by Europeans at the time), in what is now Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, beginning around 1600 AD.

Anyone traveling in the Mediterranean at the time faced the real prospect of being captured by the Corsairs and taken to Barbary Coast cities and being sold as slaves. 

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