Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mr. Trump BUILD THAT WALL...And make it High-Tech.

The Future of Border Securing Technology Is Here

I read this, and found it to be very interesting, but NOT Terrifying.
At the Tenth Annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas, officials from the Department of Homeland Security browsed booths with 3D holographic images, portable biometric testing kits, underground seismic signal detectors, and ergonomic pistols, eyeing the latest inventions to survey and protect the United States' border.

"I'd tell Mr. Trump we can build him a wall—a radar wall, of 360-degree radar surveillance," joked Bryan Block, a sales rep, before turning to his booth to pitch his company FLIR Systems. "We are the world's sixth sense. If you can't see it with the naked eye, we'll find it for you."


From Kristin Salaky writing at Talking Points Memo:
Donald Trump brought the families of people killed by undocumented immigrants onstage with him to speak at a Thursday night rally in California.
Trump said he found the families taking pictures outside of his rally and asked them to come onstage and share their stories.
“He’s going to do everything he says,” Jamiel Shaw, whose son was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant in 2008, said. “That’s why everybody is so scared right now because they know change is coming. Change is coming.”
“We demand Americans first,” Shaw said. “We don’t care about illegal aliens. Americans first. First means first.”
Read the rest of the story at Talking Points Memo.


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