Friday, May 20, 2016

Your Right to Even Own a Gun is in Danger.

Not only is your right to carry a gun in danger, your right to even own one is in danger. 
Our gun rights, all of them, even the right to just own one exist only because of the way the Supreme Court chooses to interrupt the second amendment.

The last two times the Supreme Court saved our gun rights, once in 2008, and once in 2010, it was by the slim margin of 5-4.   That was before Justice Scalia met with his very suspicious death.  You don’t need an advanced degree in mathematics to see that the court is now in an even 4-4 split when it comes to your gun rights.  (And a lot of your other rights)

If Scalia’s seat were to be filled today, his replacement’s opinion, would determine how the second amendment is legally interrupted.  It is my hope that the republican controlled senate will delay this appointment until after the election.  After the election, they will not be able to delay any longer.  Then, all gun rights will depend upon who wins the election.

If Trump does not win, the appointment to fill Scalia’s will be anti-gun and there will be a 5-4 split AGAINST gun rights.  But, it gets even worse.   

Take a look at this.
Justice Ginsburg is 82 years old.
Justice Kennedy is 79 years old.
Justice Breyer is 77 years old.
Justice Thomas is 67 years old.

The next President will most likely appoint at least four new justices, and possibly five.   Think about that.  This Presidential election will be the most important vote you will ever cast in your entire life, and I’m not talking about just second amendment rights.  ALL of our rights are at stake here.  The very survival of this country comes down to this election.

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