Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I still do not trust Paul Ryan

With Priebus, Ryan’s Speakership Has Direct Channel to Trump

Paul Ryan, who will win backing to be House speaker by his Republican colleagues on Tuesday, can thank Donald Trump for helping shore up his hold on the job.

The president-elect’s appointment Sunday of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to be his White House chief of staff was a key signal to House Republicans that Trump plans to try working with Ryan, a man he attacked bitterly on Twitter several times in the final months of the campaign. 

Ryan and Priebus are longtime friends and allies who rose through the same ladder of Wisconsin politics.
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I still do not trust Paul Ryan, I believe he STILL represents establishment Republicanism, or to put it another way, he always has been, and still is a RINO...

He champions amnesty, global trade deals, and endless foreign wars.

All throughout the campaign, he kept his distance from Trump, and would not endorse him.   I always suspected that he was engaging in sabotage so if Trump lost the establishment, Ryan could seize control of the party back from the grassroots.

He did not endorse Trump until it was obvious to everyone that Trump was most likely going to win, and he knew that if Trump won, those plans were dashed.

Now Speaker Ryan is tasked with shepherding President-elect Trump’s agenda through Congress.  I realize it is not the Presidents job to tell the house who they should select as their leader, but he could use his influence to get them to select someone else.

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