Wednesday, November 30, 2016


House Approves a Bill Designed to Stop Obama’s “Last Minute” Regulations

It’s been talked about for weeks now that President Obama—also known in political circles as the pen and cell phone leader, for his much-ballyhooed preference for bypassing Congress and issuing executive orders, mandates and memos—wants to ram through a couple of personal, high-priority agenda items before he departs his White House job in January.

But now Congress, headed by Republicans who are no doubt embolden by the rise of Donald Trump, are taking steps to reel in Obama’s executive overreach and put a stop to any last-minute shenanigans.

The House on Thursday passed legislation letting Congress overturn by a single vote any regulations finalized in the final days of the Obama administration.

The so-called Midnight Rule Relief Act was approved on mostly partisan lines, 240-179. The gist is that it makes is fast and easy for the Republican-dominated House and Senate to shoot down any Obama orders and rules that are thrust onto the American people in the final days of his presidency.

This bill,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Red State reported, “guarantees that Congress can prevent any and all last-minute defiance of the people’s will by midnight regulations that stubbornly seem to entrench the last pieces of the administration’s bipartisan agenda.

Liberals are raising objections – of course. And Obama’s vowed to veto it.
But in the end, January 20 and the incoming Donald Trump administration will have the final say.

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