Saturday, May 13, 2017


The real scandal is not Trump's firing Comey.  The timing was not great, but there never was a GOOD time and there never will be.  The REAL scandal is the Democrat’s coordinated conspiracy to falsely allege that Trump stole the election by colluding with Russia.
Everyone, including the Democrats know very well that it's not true, but they will not admit it.  Everyone who knows anything knows the Democrats are fabricating this whole thing because they think it’s a good way to prevent Trump from “draining the swamp” and move the country out of the multiple quagmires Obama put this country in. 

It is the Democrats' prerogative to act as the opposition party and to try to impede Trump's agenda.  But lacking anything of substance, they are doing so through fraudulent means and further dividing the country with their lies about Trump and Russia.

Their FAKE hysteria and their hypocrisy knows no bounds.  A short time ago, all the Democrats were demanding that Comey be fired, alleging that his public announcements had sabotaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and cost her the election. (Strange, I thought it was Trump’s collusion with the Russians that cost her the election) Now they are claiming the Comey firing is a "constitutional crisis" and a "coup." Not only did Trump have the authority to fire Comey but also the termination does not end the investigation.  If anything, it will increase the intensity of the investigation.

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