Monday, May 29, 2017


US senator John McCain has told Reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to world security than the Islamic State.
 Well, that may very well be true in the long term.  Russia was also a “long term” threat just prior to the beginning of WW2, but we had a more urgent threat which was also an urgent threat to them.  The same is true at the present time.

Russia wants ISIS eliminated as badly as we do, and in order to work together to destroy them, it is necessary to share whatever intelligence we have on them.  This does NOT mean that we will share intelligence that does not pertain to ISIS.

During WW2, we shared intelligence we had on Nazi Germany with Russia, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t share information about the Atomic Bomb we were working on, or any other weapons we were developing for that matter.

The obstructionists in the Democratic party are fully aware of this, but destroying President Trump, and the Republican Party in general is much more important to them that the safety and wellbeing of America and American citizens. 
Now HERE is something you MUST give some thought.  The President shared that information with the Russians in a private and secure meeting.  The President did NOT leak that information to the news media.  The Russians did NOT leak it to the news media.  There were only a few other people in that secure meeting, and at least one of them was so hell-bent on notifying the media that the President was leaking secrets to the Russians that in the process, they ALSO leaked to the media the content of that intelligence. 
President Trump is aware of the internal leaks, and he is still attempting to “drain the swamp” seemingly against overwhelming odds.   He is now considering an overhaul of his White House staff.

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