Thursday, May 18, 2017

The "SECRET" that was NEVER a Secret

How can it be Possible that President Trump “LEAKED” classified information when it was in the Newspaper and on the TV News several days before he “leaked” it?

You know that “so called” Classified information that they say Trump leaked to the Russians?   Well, I’m sorry, but someone had already leaked it.  I saw it on National TV news several days before Trump “leaked” it.  And it was also published in the New York Times on March 22nd.  How did they get this classified information?

Here is that “SECRET” information the Democrats want to lynch Trump for Leaking to the Russians.

Devices Banned on Some Planes Over ISIS Fears

“Intelligence showing that the Islamic State is developing a bomb hidden in portable electronics spurred the United States and Britain on Tuesday to bar passengers from airports in a total of 10 Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptop computers … two senior American counterterrorism officials said. …”

I knew I had seen this on TV news a while back, but I didn’t know it was published in the New York Times until I read this Column by Ann Coulter.

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