Monday, March 16, 2015

Hillary is the Least Transparent Person in Public Life

Do You Remember the 2008 speech in which Hillary Clinton boasted that she was “probably the most transparent person in public life?”

There is no way that Obama can claim that he didn't know this was a private server in her own home!  Hillary, Obama, and most of this administration, are the most underhanded, unethical, dishonorable people who have worked in or for our federal government.

Look, I’m not that naive; I know there are things that the government does that's not supposed to see the light of day, however when you have a group of people who are so lousy at what they do and consistently get caught doing what a lot of Citizens see it as UN-American unethical behavior that should not be allowed to continue in office especially when those activities harms American Citizens!

Hillary Clinton can claim all see wants to but she blatantly, knowingly knew that putting a private server in her home was a good way to subvert a ruling that was directed towards her.  She used this server exclusively besides she's not naive when it comes to electronic devices especially if she used her Black Berry plus another cell phone at the same time.  She is techno savvy!

If she gets away with this then other politicians will follow this lead.  Look there is nothing wrong having your own private server except when you are part of the Federal Government and all communications must be accounted for and scrutinized.

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