Sunday, March 22, 2015

Obama Administration’s Refusal to Obey the Law Documented bt the AP

The Associated Press a report that confirm what most of America now admits about the Obama administration—the administration is corrupt and does not follow the law.  In an analysis conducted by the AP, the Obama administration, more than any time in history, denies Freedom of Information Act requests and is clearly breaking federal law over and over again.

IMPEACH HIM NOW, and remove him from office.   It's true that Biden is an idiot, but he is by far a less dangerous idiot.

Walking all over the Constitution, lying to Congress, lying to the American people is only a start where the fraud begins.  Why has this Administration not been held accountable for any of the corruption?  The VAST majority of Americans I've talked to want the President impeached for treason. This has been the worst conduct of ANY administration in the history of the United States!

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