Thursday, December 10, 2015

Morale in the military has “plummeted” in recent years because of Obama

Obama ‘More Interested in Promoting Homosexuality in the Military Than He Is in Defeating Our Enemy’

Morale in the U.S. military has “plummeted” in recent years because President Barack Obama “doesn’t support our soldiers,” won’t even name the enemy “radical Islamic terrorism,” and is “more interested in promoting homosexuality in the military” than in “defeating our enemy,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Obama's perseverance and total enforcement of the acceptance of homosexuality, especially in the military,  has been his top priority!   He even took his efforts overseas threatening to withdraw money and privileges to the African countries who did not accept homosexuality.

He is also more concerned about protecting the feelings of Muslims than he is about protecting our country and its citizens.   Just think of the progress we could have made if he placed the same effort on ISIS!

Obama is in quite a strange predicament.   We all know he is a Muslim, and a lot of evidence points the fact that he is also homosexual.   We all also know that it is a common practice for Muslims to kill homosexuals, and usually in a most unpleasant manner, such as throwing them from the roof of tall buildings or stoning.      

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