Friday, December 18, 2015

The GOP is Dying a Slow Death

I Sincerely Believe the Time may be near for all TRUE Conservatives to Leave the Republican Party.
The ONLY reason I don’t leave now is because in Oklahoma, as in some other states, you can only vote in the Primary elections of the party in which you are registered. 
The Republican Party is no longer a Conservative party.  It is only SLIGHTLY less Socialist/Communist that the Democratic Party.  Just take a look at the recent accomplishments of the so-called Conservative GOP.

And, if you didn’t read it, below is my blog post from a week ago.    

The new speaker’s first big deal is just like all of the ones that infuriated conservatives under Boehner.

If all the true conservative leave the GOP, and all the Left wing extremists stay in the Democratic Party, the rinos will simple whither and die on the vine.

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