Monday, March 7, 2016

Is Trey Gowdy Just Another RINO?

The following is an excerpt from a Column by Mychal Massie

 Trey Gowdy is a stealth establishment clone who is celebrated for his ability to give great sound bites sans any real substance.  Radio host Mark Levin has labeled him a RINO.

Gowdy voted against prohibiting the indefinite detention of Americans in July of 2014. His work on immigration was such that even Obama was pleased. Gowdy gave the nominating speech for John Boehner as speaker and he supported the Rove–establishment choices of Peter Roskam (R-IL) for majority whip and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for majority leader.

During an on-air interview appearance earlier this week I pointed to the fact that Gowdy has done effectively nothing pursuant to bringing justice for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, in his capacity as chairman of the congressional committee holding hearings on Benghazi.

As if the aforementioned is not bad enough, last month Gowdy endorsed Marco Rubio as a “rock solid conservative.” Was Gowdy talking about a “paper mache rock” conservative or “styrofoam rock” conservative? Gowdy plans to spend several days campaigning with Rubio in Iowa.

Gowdy reminds me of the Republicans who campaigned for the late Arlen Specter, the liberal Republican Senator from Philadelphia, PA. He reminds me of Karl Rove publicly criticizing Tea Party conservatives for defeating Mike Castle of Delaware, who was one of the most liberal Republicans to serve in Congress.

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