Saturday, March 19, 2016


The elite of BOTH parties are doing every thing in their power to prevent Trump from becoming President.  The GOP elite would prefer either Hillary or Sanders over Trump.  The Democrat elite would prefer pretty much ANY Republican over Trump.  Why is that?

The reason has become quite obvious.  Trump is the only one they will have no control over.  The only control there will be over a President Trump would be the Constitution of the United States.  If  Trump is elected, he will threaten the cozy relationships, high priced contracts and insider deals of the Beltway power brokers.

He does not need their money and, if elected, will assume the office of President owing no one.   They won’t be able to sway him with bribes, and for the first time in modern history, the President can truly act for the American people instead of the special interests.  I honestly don’t know when was the last time the American people have had a truly independent President.

Among current Trump opponents, Ohio Governor John Kasich is remaining in the race to position himself as the establishment alternative if the convention is brokered.  Republican delegates are required to support their candidate on the first ballot, but may switch support on a second ballot.   It is on the second ballot where the GOP puppet-masters plan to put the screws to “we the people”.

In the end, the race will likely come down to only two choices, Trump or Cruz.   Even though the GOP elites do not like Cruz, they are starting to see him as a better alternative than a wild card like Donald Trump.   Although Cruz may do well with party leaders, he has not been able to match Trump’s success at the ballot box.  

Trump is attracting many more voters in the GOP primaries and caucuses than any other candidate.   Florida Governor Rick Scott recently said, “Donald Trump is the will of the people.  We need to listen to the people, back his candidacy and win in November."

The consultants, experts, analysts, party bosses and purists have not gotten anything right in this year’s Republican Party presidential race.  These critics need to wake up and realize that someone with such broad and loyal support deserves the nomination and has a real chance to be elected President.  Unfortunately, the sad, but disturbing, truth is that many in the Republican Party leadership would much prefer a Democrat they can bribe over a Republican they cannot.

Here's a little additional information.

A contested convention happens automatically if nobody has the requisite number of delegates – 1,237 – to be the nominee.  If nobody gets a majority of the delegates after the first ballot, many of the delegates who were previously bound to the candidate their state voted for would then become free agents, able to support whoever they choose.  Different states have different rules regarding when their delegates become unbound; for Florida and California, for instance, all the delegates are required to vote for the candidate that won their state for 3 ballots.

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