Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I think that the GOP elite really would prefer to elect Hillary rather than Trump or Cruz because she's a known entity, and she's for sale.  Trump and Cruz are not.  All of the Republican candidates who are have pretty much been eliminated.

They MAY attempt to elect Hillary by mounting a third party campaign. They can claim that they think Romney, or Rubio, or whomever, would win.  Please do no fall for that scam.

This would essentially be an admission that they really want Hillary, so they may be reluctant to do it.   There is a lot of money there-- Koch and Murdoch and many others.  It's looking more and more likely, unless Hillary gets indicted, in which case all bets are off.

The bottom line is no matter if it is Trump or Cruz who wins the GOP nomination, and it is almost certain it will be one of them, we the people MUST give that nominee our full support no matter who the third party candidate may be.  We have been played by “Rinos” for far too long.

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