Monday, May 16, 2016

Texas says NO to Bathroom Barry's new Bathroom policy.

Texas will forgo federal funds over LGBT policy, official says

Everyone who is not in a coma has heard by now that this past weekend Obama said he would withhold federal education funds from states who don't immediately embrace Obama's transgender bathroom policies. 

The current shell game of collecting money through the IRS and then sending it back to the states in the form of federal aid is merely a way for the federal government to dictate to the state how they must operate.  It's certainly nothing new, it’s been a popular for of blackmail for years.    Remember the nationwide 55-mile-per-hour speed limit? The same blackmail was used then.  That was never a 55 mph law passed by Congress. It was blackmail used by Jimmy Carter to deny federal highway funds to any state that didn't play ball.

Typically, states meekly capitulate to these threats because they don't want to lose the funds.  Obama knows that perfectly well, and figured he could use the threat of withholding federal funds to force his transgender bathroom agenda on the entire nation.

Well, the State of Texas just said, in so many words, “screw you”.

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