Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary's "reset button" was a Joke

The Time has come for some REAL Change.
In the early morning hours of August 2nd 1990, Iraqi Armed Forces, without provocation or warning, invaded a peaceful Kuwait.  Facing negligible resistance from its much smaller neighbor, Iraq's tanks stormed in blitzkrieg fashion through Kuwait in a few short hours.  With more than 100,000 troops, along with tanks, artillery, and surface-to-surface missiles, Iraq conquered and occupied Kuwait.  

This aggression came just hours after Saddam Hussein specifically assured numerous countries in the area that there would be no invasion.   There was no justification whatsoever for this outrageous and brutal act of aggression.   President George H. W. Bush took the appropriate action to halt this aggression by Saddam Hussein.   It is now my belief that the United States has not done anything right militarily since.

Maybe it’s time for America to elect a “peace candidate” for President.  You must be thinking “and just who might that be”.   Certainly not Obama or Hillary.  Please read this column by Pat Buchanan and give it some thought.

After you have digested that for a few minutes, please read this one.


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