Monday, August 15, 2016

I Will NEVER Watch Another Will Smith Movie.

Actor Will Smith just gave everyone yet another reason not to watch any of his movies.
While in Dubai, a country that enforces Shari’a and imprisons people for drinking alcohol and for being raped, Smith unfortunately opened his mouth to talk about two issues he knows nothing about: politics and Islam, and evidenced his ignorance of history and human rights as well.

This time he embarrassed himself, and America, by suggesting that Trump and his followers should be “cleansed,” using the genocidal word Hitler used of the Jews– and in a country that does not recognize Israel and openly discriminates against Jews. Not to mention the fact that most of Dubai is built on slave labor– by Indonesians and other immigrants who suffer innumerable human rights abuses.


Will Smith is a typical dim-witted, leftist Democrat who believes that he and people who agree with him should have Freedom of speech.  However people who have viewpoints which differ from his should not, and must be silenced by whatever means necessary.

I just added his name to the list of Hollywood celebrates to boycott.  In fact, I made his name number two on the list, right behind Jane Fonda.

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