Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is a Communist Revolutionary group responsible for Milwaukee's Riot?

The riots, crime, and violence continue in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) says Hillary Clinton's response to the unrest occurring in Milwaukee is only making the situation worse.

"I think comments like that are just inflaming the situation," Walker told "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning.

"I think people understand in that neighborhood and in Sherman Park and in Milwaukee, they want law enforcement to step up and protect them," he added.

"The people who live in the neighborhood want police — they want the police in Milwaukee and the sheriff's department to step up and protect them. They didn't want the criminals who were doing those actions against those businesses to do that. And I think statements like that and the lack of leadership we have had from the president on this issue only inflame the situation."

Clinton on Monday spoke at a campaign event about the riots occurring in Milwaukee after an officer fatally shot a 23-year-old man who officials said was armed.

"Look at what's happening in Milwaukee right now; we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities," Clinton said Monday.

"And get back to the fundamental principle: Everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law."

The Wisconsin National Guard was activated Sunday and several arrests have been made in the unrest since the Saturday shooting.

According to Milwaukee police, four officers were injured Sunday night and 14 arrests were made. The police department also posted images on Twitter of a squad car damaged by thrown bricks, rocks and glass bottles and posted about reports of shots fired.

Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey responded to the weekend’s violence by tacitly threatening more riots if “oppression,” “unemployment” and “injustice” wasn’t addressed. Rainey failed to explain what this had to do with an armed man with a lengthy criminal record aiming a gun at police officers.

White People brave enough to venture through Milwaukee on Saturday night were directly targeted for racial attacks, with rioters yelling, “they white, get their ass!,” as they attempting to drag white drivers out of their vehicles.

Don’t expect a DOJ investigation or a national media “hate crime” outcry any time soon.

According to the Associated Press, A Chicago-based communist revolutionary group blamed by Milwaukee's police chief for stoking a second day of violence said that some of its members did go there to "support a revolution" but didn't set out to cause trouble.

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