Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Have you ever seen a more biased debate moderator

Lester Holt of NBC News asked 15 questions exclusively of Donald Trump and only 2 questions exclusively Hillary Clinton.  He asked Trump 6 follow-up questions, and did not ask Hillary any.

Trump did pretty well considering he was debating two opponents. No questions on pay-for-play, Russian uranium, private server, Benghazi, Clinton foundation, refusal to hold press conferences, her interventionist militarism, etc.   Perhaps the most ridiculous example of Lester’s bias was when he kept insisting that his “opinion” was “fact”.

But is spite of all the help she received from the biased moderator, she STILL CHEATED!    Look at post debate pictures when she leaned down to shake hands. She has a bulge in her lower back.  

Now what do you suppose that was?    Does she have a concealed carry permit?   Or perhaps it was some sort of remote controlled shock device they used to keep her from falling asleep.   Or perhaps it was a wireless transponder for her wireless ear piece.  That would be perfect for people off-stage to feed her lines.

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