Friday, September 9, 2016

What will the next President do?

After the Election, what will the next President do?
That depends on who wins the election.  If it is Donald Trump, he WILL secure the border.  He will renegotiate the trade deals that have been killing U.S. manufacturing and costing American jobs.  He will be a law-and-order president who will put America first.  He will keep us out of wars like Iraq. He will talk to Vladimir Putin, smash ISIS, back the cops and the vets, and rebuild the military.

If Hillary wins, she will go down in history as being the first Woman President of the United States.  She will continue Obama’s failed polices.  She will appoint far leftist, anti 1st and 2nd amendment judges to the Supreme Court. 

I posted a blog about that just last month.
Since posting that blog, I have noticed another troubling thing about Hillary.  Not only is she being financed George Soros and Muslim countries, some of which are not exactly friendly toward us, she also seems to be determined to pick a fight with Russia.

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