Monday, September 12, 2016

We're '1 bad election away' from losing America

We're '1 bad election away' from losing America
Talk radio host Michael Savage believes America “could be one bad election away from losing everything.”
“Hillary, or her replacement, would be worse than Obama,” he told WND in an interview ahead of the Tuesday release of his new book, “Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama.”
Savage said Obama’s “scorched earth policies” are turning America into a Third World nation of terror, riots, mobs and chaos.
 “We’re one election away from survival. I don’t mean we’re going to disappear overnight. Portugal still exists, doesn’t it?” he said.
“So, it’s not a matter of whether America will still be here,” Savage explained.
“It’s just that the America we knew before the gangster regime took over will never come back.”
In the book’s initial pages, Savage features a quote from French historian and archaeologist Andre Piganiol: “Roman civilization did not pass peacefully away. It was assassinated.”
“To me that looks exactly like what’s going on in our society and culture,” Savage told WND. “It’s being assassinated by the left.”
He opens the book recounting a conversation he had with a Beverly Hills antique dealer who had been imprisoned in Iran under the Khomeini regime before his family fled to America.
Savage asked the man how many years his family had been in Iran.
“I don’t know,” the man said. “About twenty-five hundred years?”
Savage told WND his point is, “If you think it can’t happen here, my friends, think again.”
He said Americans think that “no matter who wins, nothing bad can really touch them politically.”
The choice Americans face Nov. 8 is simple, he said: “Life under Trump, death under Clinton.”
“That’s how I see it. It’s that clear to me,” said Savage. “It’s life and death. There’s no other way to put it.”

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