Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Establishment Republicans cannot understand the sudden popularity of Donald Trump, and the Establishment Democrats cannot understand the sudden popularity of Bernie Sanders. 
The reason is really quite simple.  They both stand up for what they believe in, and are not concerned about who that may offend.  For that, both are a breath of fresh air.
Bernie Sanders is a hard core Socialist, and openly admits it and uses a radical socialist approach to campaigning.  You might even say he goes so far as to brag about being a socialist.  The truth is, ALL Democratic politicians are socialist.  The only real difference is that most of them deny it. 

Establishment Republicans have been very vocal in their criticism of Trump for his comments about Mexicans, but most Republican voters know he wasn’t talking about ALL Mexicans.  And most Republican voters are fed up with the people they elected doing absolutely nothing to stop this lawless administration.

I know there are a lot of good conservative Republicans in both houses, but their hands are tied by the RINOS in charge.   These RINOS have ignored that mandate and have since tried to convince us they have a mandate to compromise.   Compromise would not be a bad thing if this was a normal administration.   The Democratic Party is being led by far-left Marxist, and there is no compromising with them.

Establishment Republicans are pandering to minorities in the hopes of gaining their votes and they are rapidly losing the very people who got them into office in the first place.   If they want to win minority votes, all they would have to do is present a strong, honest platform that deals with the country’s problems. 

Minorities want the same thing everyone else wants, a good economy, jobs, a home, and I doubt they all hope for open borders and illegal immigration.  If you think there are no minorities supporting Donald Trump, you are mistaken.

People know there are a lot of drug dealers and probably terrorists and other infiltrators coming across the border, but Illegal Immigration is not the only issue.  Donald Trump is starting to go after Common Core and criticized Jeb Bush for his pro-Core stance.  

The more companies who drop Trump’s business unfairly and the more people who insult him, the more people will like him.  Other Republicans would be well advised to quit bashing Trump and do a better job of taking on issues like illegal immigration.  If they feel like bashing someone, it should be the current Administration.  They might want to start talking about the Constitution and the freedoms we have been losing in recent years.

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