Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You're going to think I'm a Conspiracy Theorist

Obama said: if I ran for a third term, I think I could win. 

The really upsetting thing is not the fact that he said it, but that he is probably right.  Never Underestimate the Power of very large numbers of Very Stupid People.

He is the only president I have ever heard say that he can not run for reelection for a 3rd term.  And, he has cited this fact on numerous occasions.  We all know he has absolutely no regard whatsoever for what the constitution says about this or anything else.  This man’s unabashed arrogance is astonishing, and it is my belief that he keeps mentioning this to condition his supporters into acceptance of the idea.

He also said “I’m a pretty good president”.???  Don’t laugh, his supporters, and there are a lot of them, actually believe he is a great President.  Those of us who are not brain dead know that he is by far the worst President in American history. 

Many people believe he is Trying to create a crisis serious enough for him to have the election suspended and claim the throne as a dictator.   Be aware of false flags.  The shootings, the riots, the protests.  All of these could be staged events.  Perhaps nothing is what it appears to be. 
Be concerned…Be very concerned.

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