Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ALL IS NOT LOST...There is still hope

We MUST replace Obama with a Republican in 2016 if we hope to ever make this country great again.   However that is only the first step.  We also must impeach at least two Supreme Court judges, after the election.
The ONLY way we can accomplish this would be to get rid of the RINOS who are controlling Congress, which brings me to some good news I want to pass along.  
A GOP congressional aide ripped Boehner’s stance on immigration reform.
What can you say of a party that puts all of its energy into passing Obamatrade but doesn’t lift a finger to help protect Americans from illegal alien violence?  Do we serve Americans or corporations?  Name one thing – one single thing – GOP has pushed as hard as Obamatrade that corporations opposed. Now, on the heels of the San Francisco catastrophe, Boehner says he wants to crumble GOP ‘resistance’ to ‘immigration reform.’ Translation: Boehner wants to deliver President Rubio all of the elements of the Gang of 8 bill, including total amnesty and 33 million new immigrants.
Boehner is facing a primary challenge in Ohio’s eighth congressional district, and while he beat conservative J.D. Winteregg last time around, Winteregg is a lot more seasoned now.
In response to Boehner promising foreigners he wants to deliver reform, Winteregg told Breitbart News that the people of Ohio’s eighth congressional district are not happy.
“In lieu of celebrating the birth of our great nation with his fellow Americans here in Ohio’s 8th District, Speaker Boehner spent his Independence Day holiday talking with people about how he could further erode this country’s values by pushing ‘immigration reform’ on the American people,” Winteregg said in an email.
Instead of focusing on securing our border and enforcing the laws that exist, Speaker Boehner has chosen to allow full funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, and he continues to collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce to serve their interests with respect to immigration. No one has ever cast a vote for the Chamber of Commerce, yet the Speaker continues to hold them as a priority over the people in Ohio’s 8th district. It’s time for Speaker Boehner to listen to his district and the rest American people–not the special interests that fund his campaign. It’s time to “fight tooth and nail” against the President–not the conservatives–like he promised us he would last year.
Winteregg added that unless Ohio’s eighth congressional district’s voters step up and send Boehner—who he argues is not representing them anymore—packing, then he’ll keep doing things like this.
Until he is removed from office, we will continue to see Speaker Boehner enable this President and his “extreme,” Left-Wing policies. I’m running against the Speaker because I will do what he promised us he would do–I’ll work to secure our borders and enforce the laws on the books. Furthermore, I will not vote to fund and further enable the executive amnesty orders of this President. While Speaker Boehner will stay on the side of the President and wealthy special interests, I will work tirelessly to stand with the American people to reclaim the Constitutional governance we all want.

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