Friday, October 16, 2015

OBAMA IS IMPORTING Lots of Terrorists, Ted Cruz Tells How…

Senator Ted Cruz speaks to a radio audience in Iowa regarding the devious plan of Hussein Obama to flood the United States with a quarter of a million unvetted Muslims, or as they might more familiarly be known, Islamic terrorists.
Cruz says the plan to bring in the mystery Muslims “makes no sense and I think it’s crazy.” He says it’s one of the things “that will stop immediately” if he’s elected president.

Senator Cruz speaks to the makeup of the so-called refugees, noting that one estimate pins the percentage of military/terrorist age males among the population at 77% and notes the likelihood and reports that there are a significant number of ISIS terrorists included in their ranks.

He says, “It is lunacy for ‘president’ Obama to be bringing people into this country who are coming here to commit jihad to murder innocent Americans. It doesn’t make any sense and sadly it’s a result of the ideological extremism of this ‘president’ and his unwillingness to protect our national security.” The Senator is too kind. It’s because the foreign subversive occupying the White House is also a Muslim engaged in jihad against America. Bringing in others to commit terrorist acts is terrorism, it is jihad of the most treacherous kind.



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