Sunday, November 15, 2015

AP Fact Chect on Clinton and Sanders Debate.

The Associated Press did a fact check on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate Saturday night.   
I did not watch it.   I chose to watch a really great football game between Baylor and the University of Oklahoma instead.

To be honest; I would not have watched it anyway.   Apparently, besides both doing a LOT of exaggerating, they also did a lot of outright lying in the debate.

Hillary’s most outlandish lie was, I suppose, the one about the number of gun related deaths sense their last debate.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone, she has made it very clear she wants to outlaw guns and confiscate all of them except government and law enforcement.   She firmly believes that if we make America a gun free country, like Paris, we will be much safer.

Sanders lies had mostly to do with the benefits of converting America to total 100% socialism.   But in Bernie’s defense, I think the senile old man actually believes in what he is saying.


Here are some of Huckabee’s thoughts on the debate.
Huckabee said the Democratic debate “was a good debate in the sense that we were able to see a very dramatic contrast between what the Democrats would do, and what the Republicans would do.  If America chooses a Democrat, we know that they’re going to continue to try to make apologies for radical Islam, and they don’t went to go where the president doesn’t want to go, and call it radical Islam.  They still want to somehow downplay that.

 There are going to be dramatic differences in taxes.  They truly believe that our taxes aren’t high enough, which will be a real shock to a lot of working families out there.  There’s a real contrast in terms of, how do we deal with crime, whether or not we ought to go after gun manufacturers, or maybe we ought to go after criminals.   So many contrasts, and I thought it was good opportunity for America to see that this is not sort of the old classic Tweedledee, Tweedledum.   This is a dramatic difference between somebody on the far left representing the Democrats, any one of those three, and people representing more of the mainstream, any of the Republicans on our stage.”
Huckabee was also asked about Democratic candidate former Governor Martin O’Malley saying that the Statue of Liberty, not a fence is the symbol of the US. Huckabee responded, “Well, that’s wonderful rhetoric, but the Statue of Liberty says bring us your tired and you weary, it didn’t say bring us your terrorists and let them come in here and bomb neighborhoods, cafes, and concert halls.  

What we saw in Paris was the result of open borders in Europe.  The EU has proven itself to be a failure in dealing with terrorism. I think, when you see the left wing, socialist president of France, a very politically correct country saying, it’s time to close our borders, and he does so immediately, I think it might be a clue to America that this idea of wholesale having people from the Middle East come and we have no idea who they are, when in fact, one of the Paris attackers was one of those refugees, then Bret, it’s time to wake up and smell the falafel. Something isn’t going right in this open immigration policy. We are importing terrorism.”


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