Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Intolerance is only tolerated when it relates non-whites.

University of Missouri football players stepped into the fray at the Missouri campus because they knew their protest would be financially detrimental to the school.  Some news stories reported that if the team didn't play next Friday against BYU, the University would have to pay a penalty of $1 million.  The players knew they had some leverage.

Those on the side of the football players claim that ethnically diverse students on campus, who make up only 7 percent of the population, feel marginalized.  The football team is 69 percent African American, so their support of the fight against racism is a must if it is to be successful.

In considering the racism issue at Mizzou, much has been said about the University not addressing the racial tensions that arose in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson two years ago. In the first place, it has already been established that he was justifiably shot in self defense.

And besides that, why has it taken two years for the student on campus to get upset about this issue?  Why is the killing of Michael Brown in a town nearly 3 hours away a part of the racial concerns on the campus?

At a time when students across the country are demanding that universities hand down rules to prevent offending each other, it is interesting that one outspoken protester could garner enough support to bring down the college president.  Intolerance is only tolerated when it relates to certain groups.  

Godfather Politics offered the best advice when they said “Fire the Coach, Dismiss the Players, and Make them Pay for Lost Revenue”
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