Sunday, November 8, 2015

Climate Change Quandary

"What if," I asked him, "the rise in carbon does not cause the rise in temperature?  What if the rise in temperature causes the rise in carbon?  Core samples in the Antarctic, which is overflowing with a growing ice shelf right now, show that historically when temperatures have risen and fallen in history, the carbon dioxide level follows the fluctuations.  They don't lead the fluctuations."

As scientists continue to bail on the money tree they've been feeding off of with false environmental models to deceptively support the leftist concept (hoax) of man-made Climate Change, and as more and more evidence emerges that warming and cooling is not only a natural cycle, but that the warming part of it ended long ago, how is it that the liberal left lunatics continue to compare those that dare to disagree with them to holocaust deniers?

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