Tuesday, November 3, 2015

College Administrators say the Constitution is 'oppressive' and 'triggering'

Administrators at Vassar College and Oberlin College agree to shred the Constitution Because it is 'oppressive' and 'triggering'.

These liberal, leftist nit-wits are too damned stupid to realize that they are destroying the very document that gives them the right to be such liberal, leftist nit-wits.

READ MORE AND SEE VIDEO HERE: http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=6946

Be very careful where you send your kids to college. 
They could end up as brain washed communists.

Universities Pour Money into Democrat Coffers: 5 of 6 Donations from Top 50 Colleges Went to Democrats!  http://eaglerising.com/25815/universities-pour-money-into-democrat-coffers-5-of-6-donations-from-top-50-colleges-went-to-democrats/


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