Friday, March 8, 2013

CHANGE NAME TO “The American Communist Party”

I find it disgusting, but not surprising, how American Left Wingers praise the likes of Chavez, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and so many others like the North Korean Dictator and now his Dictator-Tot.  And it’s not just the Hollywood left.  It’s the majority of the Democratic Party. 
They go on and on about how these murderous dictators are helping the "downtrodden" or the "little people".   They are too blind or stupid to notice that the "little people" are always worse off under socialism and Marxism.   Why don’t they just be honest about it and change the name from “Democratic Party” to “The American Communist Party”?

Hugo Chavez leaves behind the lowest GDP growth rate and highest inflation rate in Latin America.  He leaves behind an economy where more than half the population depends on government benefits or government jobs.  He leaves behind a giant pile of debt for the people and 2 billion dollars in misappropriated oil money for his heirs.

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