Sunday, March 24, 2013


Before I get into the marriage thing, let me clarify my take on homosexuality.

I have always felt like it was nobody’s business what consenting adults did behind closed doors.   However I have seen these stupid “gay pride” parades on TV, and find it totally disgusting.  There were grown men wearing nothing but small pink bikinis, walking hand in hand kissing and carrying on.  That is NOT helping their cause one damned bit.  I also would not approve of heterosexual couples acting that way in public.

Yes, homosexuality does go against my religious view however I never have never, and never will attempt to impose my religious views on anyone else.   You know, this may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but King James (as in King James Bible) was a homosexual.  I bet you didn’t know that.  Yes, he did have a wife for the purpose of producing an heir to the throne but he spent most of his time with his “other” mate.

Having set the record straight on that, it’s time for the marriage thing.  I am not opposed to a “legal civil union” for homosexuals.  That would help in all legal matters such as filing a joint tax return or claiming a dependent for both tax and insurance purposes.  My question is “why does it HAVE to be called a marriage”?

Marriage has always been considered a religious thing by people of all religions, and their religion also considers homosexual activity a sin.  So when you mention “same sex marriage” it gets their panties all up in a wad.  Just call it something else and tone down the public displays of affection and everyone will be happy.

I bet I get some criticism on this one...From both sides. 


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